Primarily Irregulars abbreviations:

AFR -- "Assault on Flat Rock"
BG -- Bruce Garner Rd (extension of NL in Granville county)

BJP -- Blue Jay Point (County Park)
CL -- County Line (as in CL sprint)

CP -- Carpenter Pond Rd 
DTCC -- Durham Tech Comm College

G-P-MVC -- Ghoston-Peed-MVC roads; usual IR finish 
IR(s) -- Irregular(s)

MVC -- Mt. Vernon Ch Rd
NL -- New Light Rd (extension of Six Forks Rd north of hwy NC-98 in Wake county)

OWT -- Old Weaver Trail
PUE -- Pleasant Union Elementary

skiff -- a small boat

VGCC -- Vance-Granville Comm College

Primarily Rando abbreviations:

Bahama Beach -- Bahama Beach (103 km Permanent Populaire)
BB -- see Bahama Beach

Benson Mule Pull -- Benson Mule Pull (105 km Permanent Populaire), owner Dean
Black Creek -- Showdown at/in Black Creek (204 km Permanent), owner MikeD
BMP -- see Benson Mule Pull

Egypt Mtn -- Warrenton - Egypt Mtn (210 km Permanent)
EM -- see Egypt Mtn

Get 'er Dunn -- Get 'er Dunn (102 km Permanent), owner Dean

KLL -- Kerr Lake Loop (208 km Permanent), owner MikeD

L-L-L -- Leesville-Leasburg-Leasville (204 km Permanent), owner Byron
LOMBD -- Lookin' Out My Back Door (201 km Permanent), owner Dean

Mule Pull -- see Benson Mule Pull

NCBC -- North Carolina Bicycle Club (Raleigh based, all-purpose club, home to Morrisville brevets)

OEO -- OakElmOak (209-km Permanent) 

SBC -- see Black Creek
Showdown -- see Black Creek

Tar Heel 200 -- Tar Heel 200 km Permanent, owner Dean
 _ _ version 2 (to avoid some dawgs)
TC1200 -- Taste of Carolina 1200 km

TH200 -- see Tar Heel 200
ToC -- Taste of Carolina 1200 km

Triple-L -- see L-L-L _