Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jun-04: Mt. Tirzah Tour

"Mt. Tirzah Tour" for the main course.
"Prison Break" for those needing something lighter.

The "Prison Break", as cue-sheeted, is about 47 miles.
The Irregulars "Mt. Tirzah Tour", as cue-sheeted, is about 74 miles.
Who looks at the cue sheets?

Mid-week, I sent out the e-mail call for the ride.  It included the following:
I haven't checked the "starting sequence" of the cue sheet (who needs cue sheets?),
but let's take Carpenter Pond all the way to Leesville and Doc Nichols roads. 

Then, let's turn right on Cheek to left on Creech to right on Redwood at the stop-sign when Creech ends.  [That's actually what the cue sheet indicates.  Who knew?]  And rather than turn left on Geer St., let's continue straight on the road "up-n-around" to Red Mill Rd. 
The "DocNichols way" adds 3.4 miles, but is a more peaceful start (i.e., flatter). 
The "Creech - Redwood Roundabout" adds maybe a mile, maybe less;
I'd like to do that just to vary the route as compared to last week. 

(There are so many excellent roads, so many places worth seeing ... so ... variation is the spice of life. Interestingly, when it comes to rando routes ... I like the familiarity that repeating the routes brings.) 

For those that make it to Bahama (short-cutters will not turn left on to Stagville Rd.), I do want to go to Mt. Tirzah via the more scenic route on this cue sheet -- which is our Irregulars standard routing.  A by-product of going the more scenic route is skipping Lake Michie.
Local randos may recognize some of the above route description.
And realize we did NOT use the precise Triple-L routing from NC-98 to Bahama,
nor did we use the Triple-L routing from Bahama to Mt. Tirzah.
Levi was the only one that did the shorter "Prison Break" route.
He was supposed to have company, but Stew no shew.
I presume Levi waved to Bernie Madoff on his way by the Federal Prison.
[As an aside, several years ago, when I planned the "Prison Break" route, it was a longgggg and adventuresome idea to go past the prison.  In recent years ... not so much.  Things change.]
Poor Levi, even though I assured him that I'd tell him when the "Prison Break" diverged from the main course, he kept thinking we were diverging away from him because he kept looking at the cue sheet and noting that the rest of us were not following his cue-sheeted course.  [Who needs cue sheets?  Who uses cue sheets?] 
This is the only photo of Levi that I have.
Wendy was having a lot of trouble with her Speed-play pedals.  She couldn't trust applying pressure on the upward part of the stroke, so she was turned into a "stomper" today.  Not nearly as efficient nor as effective nor as fast.  I hope her "friend" Gary can solve the problem by the next ride.  (He is having some trouble with Speed-play sending him new inventory.)
Wendy on Moores Mill Rd
Ricochet Robert appears to have re-discovered his legs.  I couldn't drop him on any climb.  I couldn't drop him on any descent -- even when I went to the 50/11.  I did, however, manage to use the 39/15 combined with a kick up in the cadence to come-around to take the Granville County Line when we returned from Person County.  (I also managed to use the 39/15 and a good cadence to keep him "at bay" to take the Person County Line just before we got to the "Flat Wall.")
This is the best photo of Robert, by himself, that I have.
IvaHawk seems to be maintaining the form that allowed him to complete the Assault on Mt. Mitchell in fine form.  Iva would surreptitiously find his way back to our wheels whenever I had tried to "test" Roberts legs.
Speedy IvaHawk
I managed to do the first 46 miles of my ride in the 39/15 -- making approximately 190 miles since my previous shift.  However, when we got to the "Flat Wall" on the climb up to Mt. Tirzah, I bailed on the faux single-speed.  (Later, I mostly stayed in the 39/15, but not entirely.)
Yours truly on Moores Mill Rd
No kamikaze squirrels tried to get in our way after we left Hollow Ridge Grocery. 
I believe everyone enjoyed their ride in the lower temps and humidity (as compared to earlier in the week AND what is forecast for tomorrow). 

Iva's Garmin stats: 

Finally, in case you didn't understand the introductory section regarding the cue-sheets and the course modifications: 
I made the cue sheets for today's ride.  Three or four years ago.  I did NOT actually check the cue-sheeted course prior to sending them out.  I did NOT check the cue sheets prior to the ride.  I know where I'm going.  I know where the stores are  Who needs cue sheets? 
'Till next time ...
-->  PUE:  Mt. Tirzah Tour  -->; 100.0 m.; 6h,37m in-motion; 15.1 mph. 
[Robert, I decided to vary my route "home" to get to 100-miles.  With loops at the end:  100.03 miles.]

Q-1 tot: _23 rides; _1822.2 m.; 123 hrs, 05 min; 14.8 mph.
Apr tot: __7 rides; __793.8 m.; _52 hrs, 28 min; 15.1 mph.
May tot: _10 rides; __894.1 m.; _63 hrs, 45 min; 14.7 mph.
Jun tot: __2 rides; __116.0 m.; __7 hrs, 41 min; 15.1 mph.
YTD tot: _42 rides; _3626.1 m.; 244 hrs, 01 min; 14.9 mph.


  1. Thanks for your leadership today, Martin. I was impressed with your "panache" (spelling?) today. At times you were The Mallet and other times, Snapper. I mean that as a compliment I'm sure you know. Thanks to RRtheRR for exercising me on Old Weaver/Col de Ghoston/Peed/MVC bringing me in at 18:47 which includes an extended wait at Ghoston and hwy 98 for cars. That's my best time of 2011 though still off my PR of 17:35. Now I'm wondering if I cheated on my 17:35 somehow. Thanks again.

  2. Panache?

    You must have been delirious.

  3. Although too ... something ... to have inquired via blog comment, I have decided to answer his question via blog comment:

    To Levi --

    I do NOT think you look like a house, kept-up or ghost, inhabited or abandoned. However, I also do NOT have ANY photo of you; not you alone, not you with your better half, not even you in a group photo. Therefore, I used the photo that I used to use for my avatar (or whatever those little pics beside my comment entry are called); however, I did crop the photo to be more interesting than when I used the same photo to represent myself.
    I suspect that if on some future post, I find that I've got photos of most everyone except one or two ... I will use that photo again.
    Btw, I like that photo -- taken by guest Karen a ouple years ago. I like the look of that abandoned house. I like the scenery behind the house. I like the stretch of road that house is on. I like the course we sometimes ride that includes that scenery, road, and house.

  4. Continuing on the theme of photos of cyclists on the ride ...

    It turns out that while I have several group photos that include Ricochet Robert, I only have one photo of Robert by himself. I am confident that Robert will know the photo of which I write, and as a result, be slightly more accepting of the alternative that I used instead.