Pop Series

Central North Carolina Populaire Series   

CANCELLED, due to the novel coronavirus, until further notice. 

As far as possible, dates have been chosen for Saturdays as early as possible in each month that do not conflict with holiday weekends and also not conflict with previously scheduled events in any of the four regions in "greater North Carolina," i.e., Raleigh, High Point, Asheville, and Tidewater, Virgina. Note that April and May are very crowded with 200+ km brevets -- a conflict in May could not be avoided.

To me, central North Carolina essentially means the Raleigh and High Point Regions.  There are three approved Populaires in the Raleigh Region, and the plan is to essentially rotate among those routes, possibly augmented by some High Point Region routes.

To ride in these events:  
  • you must be a current RUSA member, 
  • you must sign the waiver before the ride, 
  • you must pay the $5 fee before the ride.

Everyone should know the requirements regarding helmets, safety/visibility gear, and the rules of the road.  Follow them.


Type Date Kms Route (proposed)

NC: Raleigh RUSA populaire 04/11/2020 106 Bunn Warmer

NC: Raleigh RUSA populaire 05/09/2020 107 Mt. Tirzah Populaire

RUSA populaire 06/20/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 07/18/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 08/01/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 09/12/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 10/03/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 11/07/2020 tbd TBD

RUSA populaire 12/05/2020 tbd TBD

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