Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Apr-11: Perry's Pond Populaire

Originally posted to Facebook.
(Dealing with Facebook's deplorable approach to paragraphs explains the weird paras below.) 
Copied here because I'd like to be able to find "it" again.
Some improvements to the photos, i.e., cropped, in order to make a better presentation.

posted Apr-10 to the NC Rando FB Group:

"If not for the coronavirus situation, tomorrow, April 11th, would be the date of the April Populaire. (However, if not for liability insurance troubles, there would not have been a "Central NC Populaire Series".)

"If it had not become necessary to cancel the brevets, we likely would have started the Bunn Warmer at 0800, from near the Cameron Village Library.

"After some thought of doing shorter and/or more convenient rides, I've decided to do the Bunn Warmer route tomorrow ..."

Before starting, I decided to turn-around when I got to Perry's Pond. That decision was reinforced by the stiff SW wind. "Fixie Pixie" would likely suggest that I "was feeling really good" for the ~29.3-miles from downtown Raleigh (Cameron Village) to Perry's Pond. The return to Raleigh was certainly into the aforementioned stiff wind.

Entire ride: 76.7-miles. 6:00 in-motion. 6h15 elapsed.
Outbound: 38.0-miles, 2:33 in-motion, 2h48 elapsed.
Inbound: you do the calculations.

Link to the the "Bunn Warmer" perm-pop RWGPS map (note that the brevet-pop is the same route): ( https://ridewithgps.com/routes/2301890?beta=false
When Mick and I created the OEO/HSE/BW routes, the only thing(s) at this location, approx. 13-miles into the BW course, was that ranch house and one, count 'em, one statue of Buddha. 

I have often wanted or intended to stop here and take some photos. I finally did so
— at Phật Tích Vạn Hạnh - NC Buddhist Association
Now, there are at least two buildings and many statues. There are also some lively looking statues / exhibits behind the ranch house. I had never noticed those back-yard exhibits until pulling away after taking these photos. . — at Phật Tích Vạn Hạnh - NC Buddhist Association.
Hopkins fire station. (Notice the evidence of the outbound tailwind?) — in Hopkins, North Carolina.
Hopkins "store." An homage to a ride from late 2012: ( http://irregularveloadventures.blogspot.com/2012/11/nov-11-three-steps-oeo-209-km-perm.html ) 

See the first photo in that blog post. Six of the seven riders pictured K-Hounded at least once.
 — in Hopkins, North Carolina.
"Dukes Lake" a few miles beyond Hopkins. 

I've always wanted to stop and take a photo here -- finally did so.
THE iconic location for a photo on the Bunn Warmer / Hope Springs Eternal / OakElmOak routes. — atPerrys Pond.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Apr-07: Coley Rd in the FOG

Originally posted on Facebook, in/on the Hudson Valley Randonneurs page/group.
Since it is a pain to find old Facebook posts, replicating here.
6 am start with she-who-is-not-to-be-named.
Large, nearly full moon.
But wondering why it appeared "lopsided."

2.5 loops on flat Hickory Grove Rd.
Each full loop equals 2-miles.
The high elevation point of the route is on this flat road.
Little traffic, but seems more than last time we rode.

Now can see the road in the almost civil twilight.
Ride the mile on Carpenter Pond Rd to Coley Rd.

Coley Rd goes from nowhere to nowhere.
Actually, Carpenter Pond on the upper / south end.
NC-98 on the lower / north end.
A cross road at approx the half-way point. NO traffic.
Which is why 5519 has ridden it HUNDREDS of times.

Each full loop is a 7.3-mile round trip.
The lower half-loop is a 3.9-mile round trip.

First trip down Coley, the fog starts to build.
By the middle of the first full loop, it's getting thick.
But, NO wind; not even a breeze.
And that is why 5519 likes to start at 6 am:

Riding through the fog.
Knees getting damp from condensation.
Each arm hair encased in water condensed from the fog.
Water dripping off the front of the helmet.
Tiny water droplets visible on the top rim of the headlamp.

8:47 am. Finishing the 4th full loop,
The lower half-loop squeezed into the middle of that loop,
The first hint that the sun will burn off the fog.

Then the fog seemed to fight back.
But nearing the end of the fifth full loop,
Bright sunshine.

I commented that 5 1/2 loops was much harder than riding the same distance around the lake.
Response: "welcome to my life."

One more time, meaning a half-loop (?), on Hickory Grove Rd to get back to the start.

50.1-miles. 3:27 in-motion in 3h30 elapsed.

No photos.
When U ride with 5519, there is no stopping for photos.
Not on a 50-mile ride.

V-50 #2.

A comment made (by me) on the Facebook post.

Btw, we had intended to mix up the route with two (or three) other LOW traffic roads, but those would have been even closer to Falls Lake, and the fog was thickest on the lower / north end of the Coley loop. The north end is lower because it is the end closer to the lake. We figured the thick fog might be overwhelming nearer the lake.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mar-28: Modified Falls Loop

6 am, or just before -- LL, who had ridden from her place to mine, and I underway
My Excel log indicates 65 degrees F.
Was that at the start?  Or, more likely, the temp at the finish.

Across Strickland Rd -- very little traffic early on a Saturday morning.
To Leesville Rd crossing I-540 -- little traffic early on a Saturday morning.
Past Sycamore Elementary School (from which we've been doing most of our joint rides).
Onto Hickory Grove Rd to Carpenter Pond Rd, were we picked up
The old standard Irregulars (and some others) Falls Lake Loop  at the 6.8-mile mark.

LL and I, usually separately, sometimes intentionally together, sometimes serendipitously,
Used to ride Carpenter Pond Rd to Leesville Rd to Doc Nichols Rd FREQUENTLY.
But, then, joining RUSA and riding brevets and permanents and permanents and permanents
Became our individual norms.

Ten years ago, there were no housing developments on Leesville Rd
Between Carpenter Pond and Doc Nichols roads.
Then, several years ago, Dell Webb started building a huge housing development.
[And at the time, one of their frequent television commercials 
Was about a young woman who moved into a Dell Webb development 
And found a cycling group of Dell Webb-ers with whom to ride faster and faster, 
Taking minutes and then seconds off her PR times. 
Many local cyclists laughed painfully at that commercial, because 
  • turning every ride into a "race" is a good way to train -- NOT!  and
  • that Dell Webb development was ruining a great cycling road and area.] 
Now, that section of Leesville Rd is jam-packed with Dell Webb-like developments.

Ten years ago, there were a few homesteads and perhaps a couple farm-steads on Doc Nichols Rd.
Now, there is a housing development or two with people already moved in while more housing goes up.
And, there are several housing developments where construction / destruction has just begun.
No longer a fun, carefree 1.9-mile downhill romp.
Now one has to be alert for dried-out mud-clogs from construction trucks left on the roadway.

Despite the above couple paragraphs, our ride past all those developments was fine --
Not much traffic early on a Saturday morning.

Luckily, Patterson Rd, north of NC-98, still has the same home/farm-steads as 10 years ago!
Cheek Rd, heading northeasterly away from Durham all the way to Falls Lake, is still the same.
The climb away from Falls Lake still the same -- except the chip-seal surface has gotten a bit old.

Leading, I turned onto (Old) Stool Tree Rd -- LL asked, "where are you going?"
Answer:  "just across here to see that one particular homestead, and then Cash Rd back to Old Weaver."

Transiting Old Weaver Trail in the 8:00 +/- time-frame, there was more traffic than we preferred.
Traffic returning to Raleigh (?) after the night shift at the state mental hospital in Butner.
At least that is what we presumed.
[I thought there was enough traffic that, should we do this ride again, 
We should take Northside Rd up to Creedmoor, and Dove Rd back to OWT to avoid 
Cash Rd and most of OWT.  LL may or may not have agreed.] 
We zipped across, mostly down, the couple-plus miles on New Light Rd 
To the intersection with Ghoston Rd.

There, I turned to go up Ghoston, then Peed, then Mt Vernon Ch Rd.
I knew that LL would take New Light to Six Forks to Pleasant Union Ch Rd.
[Btw, I saw Lt. Dave rocketing down MVC Rd as I crawled up the climb. 
He later confirmed that he also did the Falls Lake Loop, but started later than we did.]  

When I got to the MVC-PUC intersection, I saw LL in front of Pleasant Union Elementary,
Apparently fiddling with something on her bike.
I had figured that we would re-connect at or near PUE, so I rode over to learn the "problem."
Whatever the issue was, it did not make an indelible impression on me.

We resumed our joint ride.
Across Norwood Rd to Six Forks Rd (Norwood is smoother, wider, and less traffic than MVC).
I asked if LL would like to ride Durant to Honeycutt Rd, but
She did NOT want to have to ride up the Honeycutt Rd climb.
So, we continued on Six Forks, across I-540 to Strickland Rd, and
Then downslope to my abode where I finished my ride.

But LL wanted to get 50-miles,
So she rode back up Strickland for about a mile, then turned around and headed to her home.

46.2-miles for me.  3:16 in-motion.  No info on the elapsed time.
LL got her 50-miler. 

Effective March 28, GeorgeS of Hudson Valley Randonneurs started his "virtual brevets"
Since everywhere around the globe had cancelled randonneuring because of COVID-19.
So, this ride became my HVR V-50 #1.
I did remark on Facebook to George that if he had started the "virtuals" on March 20,
I would already have five V-50 rides.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mar-20 + 22, 24, 27: Lockdown "JRA"

March 20 

I met double-L to ride starting at 6 am this morning for her second ride since November or October (and she did no spin classes in that timeframe).  Let me tell you, riding with her, there is NO easing into it -- instead, it is full blast from the first pedal-stroke.

Riding in the dark, btw, first use of a new headlamp for me, the stream of yellow pollen highlighted by the headlamp reminded me of the Raleigh Region 400 brevet circa 2011, or 2013, when those of us that rode all night rode through what we referred to as a pollen blizzard.  This morning wasn't as heavy as on that 400, but I was reminded of that brevet.

Having mentioned "NO easing into it," after about 9 or 10 miles, while headed upslope (i.e., southbound) on Coley Rd -- some locals may know Coley Rd, I mentioned something to double-L about the pace -- I can't recall exactly what I said.  She responded that we should back off the pace a bit. Let me clarify what happened immediately afterward -- one of us backed off a bit: U guess which of us didn't.

For completeness, we finished 31+ miles at about 8:15 am; we were plastered with yellow pollen.  It is, after all, Yellow Season.

From my Excel log: 
Mar-20  --  St Francis Ch: 3 x Coley - Andrews Chapel  
0600, w/ LL  --  68 degrees 
31.1-miles  --   2:16 in-motion  --  13.7-mph 
in late March, LL allowed me to ride with her several additional times, 
the following also from my Excel log: 
Mar-22  --  Strickland - 2 x Coley - Andrews Chapel - 1 x Coley - Strickland 
0600, w/ LL  --  46 degrees 
44.5-miles  --   3:14 in-motion  --  13.7-mph  
LL rode extra from her place to mine (and back) and also more to get a 50-mile ride 

Mar-24 --  Sycamore Schl:  6 x Hickory Grove + 4 x Coley + Andrews Chpl, not that order 
0600, w/ LL  --  50 degrees 
50.1-miles  --   3:36 in-motion  --  13.9-mph  
Mar-27 --  Sycamore Schl:  4 x Hickory Grove + 2x1.75 x Coley + 2 x Baptist, not that order 
0600, w/ LL  --  55 degrees  
50.0-miles  --   3:40 in-motion  --  13.6-mph  

Friday, July 3, 2020

Mar-14: "Pi Day" Brevet-Pop

Raleigh Region RBA Alan's birthday is Mar-14th, "Pi Day."

[In 2015, Alan intently pointed out that 9:26 AM on Mar-14 would be the greatest "Pi Day" ever. 
(Or at least until the year 2115 -- by which time none of us would be here to note the event.) 
March 14, 2015, 9:26 AM -- that could be represented by the string "31415926" -- 
Which is "Pi" to seven decimal points.]

Anyway, in 2013, the rando community celebrated Alan's 70th birthday by riding his "7Cs" Perm-Pop.
MikeD composed a report, with photos, for that celebration.
Permanent Route Name / #Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Clyde's Curious Critter Chatham County Cycling Circuit / 1861 108 2013/03/16 14 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time
RUSA-T31049 1803 A__, Steven Brantly North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:15
RUSA-T31050 6628 B__, Robert D Randonneurs USA / 933095 04:29
RUSA-T31051 5843 B__, Bob Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:15
RUSA-T31052 5646 C__, Wayne North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:30
RUSA-T31053 1609 D__, Michael J North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:15
RUSA-T31054 4070 F__, Dean Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:15
RUSA-T31055 6176 H_, Ian Page Asheville International Randonneurs / 933011 05:15
RUSA-T31056 6169 H__, Michael A Randonneurs USA / 933095 04:59
RUSA-T31057 306 J__, Alan M North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 05:15
RUSA-T31058 7651 J__, Mike L Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:15
RUSA-T31059 4649 M__, John L Carolina Tarwheels / 933047 04:30
RUSA-T31060 215 O__, Michael North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:58
RUSA-T31061 3525 P__, Jerry L North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:30
RUSA-T31062 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:15
In 2018, a 75th birthday ride + celebration was called for.
A few people showed up.
I typed a report.

In 2019, at the suggestion of MikeO, a 76th birthday ride + celebration was called for.
Again, not many showed.
I typed a lengthy report.

That brings us to 2020 and Alan's 77th birthday.
Which {would fall / did fall} on a Saturday, so
We'd be able to actually ride and dine on Alan's birthday.

MikeO was again the primary instigator.
Or at least that is my memory, and story to which I'll be sticking.

With the demise of the Perms Program, and
The instigation of a local Brevet-Pop Series (because of said demise),
There was pretty good interest in riding / helping Alan celebrate.

Instead of using Alan's 7Cs perm-pop, we used the Brevet-Pop "route 655 (unnamed)",
Which is virtually the same as the 7Cs perm-pop (click here for routing used this "Pi Day").
[Actually, that should be the other way 'round. 
The perm-pop is based on the brevet-pop, which was created YEARS before the perm-pop. 
Further actually, the routes are identical, except that: 
  • start / finish locations are different, and 
  • the perm-pop detours one block off the brevet-pop in order to actually ride past Clyde's.] 
Alan was at the start to help with everyone's waiver and fees.
Then he sent us on our way,
With the instruction that the lead riders should call about 10-miles before finishing.

I recall some moments from the ride, and
I thought about typing them up. but
In the end, I decided to short-cut the story.
Alan joined the seven riders --
Hmmn, seven riders, Seven Cs --
Seven seems a favorite number. 
Anyway, the seven riders joined Alan for some Pizza Pi for the lunch meal.

During lunch, the plan for the Brevet-Pop Series was discussed.
MikeD suggested using JohnM's Durham-Oxford route for another brevet-pop.
He also mentioned his Raleigh-Clarksville route as a possible excursion.

I thanked Mike for the suggestions, but
Mentioned that I had promised Alan that the brevet-pop series
Would create no extra work for Alan, and that I wanted to stick to that -- at least for awhile.

Also, and I'm confident that this escaped no one's notice:
We eight were the only customers in the restaurant while we were there.
Because, although North Carolina was not yet in lockdown due to the coronavirus,
Other states were, and
In the back of my mind, and likely everyone else's mind too,
Was the high likelyhood that we would soon be under stay-at-home orders,
Which would put the kibosh to the Brevet-Pop Series (at least for the near term). 

RegionClub Type Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Raleigh North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 RUSAP 100 2020/03/14 7 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time Medal
RUSA-P17011 215 O__, Michael North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 05:23  
RUSA-P17012 1015 B__, Chet Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:23  
RUSA-P17013 1609 D__, Michael J North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 05:00  
RUSA-P17014 5843 B__, Bob Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:28  
RUSA-P17015 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:28  
RUSA-P17016 8218 W__, Bradley J. North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 05:28  
RUSA-P17017 10234 M__, David R North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 04:50  

[If one looks at the previous post (about the 3 brevet-pops December - February), 
One will quickly realize that Alan sometimes decides to 
Rebel slightly against the data entry protocol.]  :-)

Not much of a story, but I guess I'll stick to it.

[Oh, the only photo(s) taken on the day were by Bradley of his Moulton on the Bynum pedestrian /  cycling bridge (btw, the original US-15 bridge) across the Haw River.  So, essentially, no one thought to take any photos.  Esp., no one took any photos during the luncheon.]

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Brevet-Pops: Dec-2019, Jan + Feb-2020


With what was hopefully only a temporary demise of the Permanents program,
I requested / offered Raleigh Region RBA Alan that I'd organize / host a brevet-pop for December.

Admittedly, I had stopped "worrying" about my R-series, but
I had an active P-streak that I was trying to keep intact, and
My frequent riding buddy, BobB, had completed his R-120 on December-02, so
I wasn't concerned about a December R-ride, only a brevet-pop for the P-series.

My Excel log indicates that on December 7th,
Bob and I did a pre-ride of the brevet-pop that Alan and I had scheduled for December 14th.
Using the usual Raleigh Region Brevet-Pop:  "route 655 (unnamed)".
RWGPS map link:  click here.

I had a photo or two from our pre-ride, but I seem to have miss-filed it / them.
[As I type this on Jul-02-2020] I recall that I had tired legs from the git-go,
Certainly due to a late end to my work shift on the 6th.
Bob had to slow-down considerably or wait for me throughout the ride.
My Excel log indicates:
  • 9 am start, 
  • 69.6-miles (112-kms) in  5h42 elapsed, 
  • 4:49 in-motion (i.e., nearly an hour of stoppage time), 
  • for 100-kms RUSA credit.  
I guess I stood ready to host whomever wanted to ride on the 14th, but
The results, as shown on the RUSA website, indicate that no one did the ride. 
RegionClub Type Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Raleigh North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 RUSAP 100 2019/12/14 2 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time Medal
RUSA-P16334 5843 B__, Bob Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:42
RUSA-P16335 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:42


Still hoping the Perms demise was temporary,
Bob and I arranged to host a January Brevet-Pop,
Promising Alan that there would be no extra work for him
(Unless he wanted to do some (and of course, he would submit the results to RUSA)).

We decided to use the route that had been created / approved during the previous Perms suspension.
To wit:  "Mt. Tirzah Populaire".
RWGPS map link:  click here

Bob and I purposefully did not suggest putting on a 200-km (or longer) brevet.
Bob wanted to break his R-streak and Tony (High Point Region) had a couple brevets in January.

The brevet-pop event was scheduled for January 18th.
Bob and I pre-rode on the 16th.
So that I could properly host / volunteer on the 18th.
And I recall that Bob had a conflict on the 18th, so he rode as a ride-along partner. 

One photo from the ride.
I tried to pay homage to the photo one can see at the bottom of this blog.
The composition of the photo at the bottom of this blog is much better than that for this photo.  That "bottom photo," from about 10 years ago, got a MUCH better view of the scenery -- maybe I can do better next time (and I am confident that there will be a next time!); however, this might get points for better capturing the person in the photo.  Short sleeves in January -- wow!  And, of course, there is Bob trying to intimidate me again by wearing a PacTour jersey; however, I think this jersey originally belonged to Richard Lawrence, and Bob received it as a gift when Joel parceled out Richard's jerseys.  [credit for this photo to me]
 My Excel log indicates:
  • 8 am start, 
  • 67.3-miles (108-kms) in  6h05 elapsed, 
  • 5:01 in-motion (MORE than an hour stoppage time ???), 
  • I think we took advantage of the warm sunshine to sit on the benches at the Timberlake control. 
  • And based on the in-motion time, we were rather slow (almost certainly Bob slowed to accommodate my snail's pace). 
  • All for 100-kms RUSA credit. 
Bob and I enjoyed our ride(s).
And two days later, I was on-hand for two riders that the did the ride on the date of the event.
On-hand at the start -- then did my own thing -- and then on-hand at the finish. 
RegionClub Type Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Raleigh North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 RUSAP 100 2020/01/18 4 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time Medal
RUSA-P16645 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 06:05
RUSA-P16646 5843 B__, Bob Randonneurs USA / 933095 06:04
RUSA-P16647 13590 M__, Bryan D Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:53
RUSA-P16648 8218 W__, Bradley J. North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 05:53

February 2020

Still hoping the Perms demise was temporary,
Bob and I arranged to host a February Brevet-Pop,
Promising Alan that there would be no extra work for him
(Unless he wanted to do some (and of course, he would submit the results to RUSA)).

We decided to again use the route that was used in January.
To wit:  "Mt. Tirzah Populaire".
RWGPS map link:  click here

Tony (High Point Region) was putting on 200+ km brevets in February, so
We did not offer a 200 (or longer) brevet. 

The brevet-pop event was scheduled for Sunday, February 23rd.
Bob, Cyndy, Chet, and I pre-rode on the 22nd.
So that I could properly host / volunteer on the 23rd.
Cyndy had a conflict on the 23rd, so she joined Bob as a ride-along partner,
And also brought along Chet.

One photo from the ride.

We had delayed our pre-ride start until 11 am so that the snow from the 20th
Would be mostly melted, and any re-formed overnight ice would have also melted.
However, somewhere around the 40-mile mark,
Cyndy and I began discussing the possibility of using the well-shaded road-side ditch
To find some snow and carefully compose a snow-filled photo
To "combat" the fat-tyre bike parked in snow-bank photos
That our mutual fracquaintance, PamelaB, RUSA #12, frequently posts on Facebook.

The completion of our discussion was very timely,
Because we'd barely had time to voice the idea, when we encountered a good location. 
The high temperature on the day was about 50F -- maybe a couple degrees warmer.  This was the ONLY location on the whole route where there was enough shade-protected ditch snow to pose for a photo such as this.  Cyndy posted this to Pamela's Facebook "timeline" -- a few comments were exhanged.  :-O    [photo snapped by me, using Cyndy's smartphone]
 My Excel log indicates:
  • 11 am start, 
  • 67.6-miles (108-kms) in  5h50 elapsed, 
  • 5:11 in-motion (slower in motion that January, but much less stoppage time), 
  • For 107-kms RUSA credit.  [Alan and I had done some research and figured out how to get brevet-pops on the RUSA schedule for the actual distance of the route instead of being forced to schedule as exactly 100-kms.] 
I'm confident that three-and-a-half of us enjoyed our ride(s).
The half is because Chet had some difficulties early on, and maybe later, too.

A couple riders had indicated that they wanted to do the Populaire at the scheduled date/time.
I was, however, skeptical since they were doing a Tony 300 the day before.
I went to the start in case those two (or even only one of them) showed up, and
Also in case anyone that had failed to pre-register showed up.

No one showed.
RegionClub Type Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Raleigh North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045 RUSAP 107 2020/02/23 4 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time Medal
RUSA-P16853 608 VDW_, Cynthia F Randonneurs USA / 910095 05:50
RUSA-P16854 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:50
RUSA-P16855 1015 B__, Chet Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:50
RUSA-P16856 5843 B__, Bob Randonneurs USA / 933095 05:50
I drove down to Alan's in Morrisville to give him the brevet/control cards, and
To discuss putting on a continuing Brevet-Pop Series.

Although it had previously been agreed to put on a "Pi Day" brevet-pop,
Alan agreed to allow me to host said Brevet-Pop Series
(With my promise that no new / unwanted work would be foisted upon Alan).

During the discussion with Alan, he inquired about also doing a 200-km Brevet Series.
My response was that North Carolina (NC) was pretty well covered through October,
Although May and June could maybe use a 200 each
Since the available central NC brevets in those months were only Alan's 400 and 600, but
We could put off a decision on those months and a Brevet Series for a bit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Jun-28: RUSA re COVID, etc.

[from RUSA Facebook page, font/format edited] 

July 1 reopen postponed - email from Dave Thompson to the RBAs a short time ago.

Since making our decision for a soft reopening the pandemic has taken a turn for the worse. New cases are up 65% over the past two weeks. New restrictions are being instituted including more restrictive social distancing, statewide mask requirements and new state regulations to mandate quarantining for interstate travel. With all this in mind our soft reopening will be postponed.

I know that many of you have put a lot of thought and effort into your pandemic riding plans. I've been through all of them and have had discussions with some of you. We all hope that the picture will soon change for the better and we can put those plans into effect. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and keep you updated.