Monday, February 15, 2010

Irregulars Blog (very irregular, net – 2, No Martin)

Temperature at departure (noon) was 38 degrees. Wind 10 to 15 from the NW shifting to the W. Stopped at PUE to see if any other brave hearts were waiting. Found one lone Gyro (female) who wanted to join us. After telling her the route & distance see thought better of it and did not go.

Route was Carpenter Pond to Shady Grove. Shady Grove to Coley. Coley to Shady Grove. Shady grove – Coley – Coley -…………….. (Do you like the route so far, Martin?) 

Actually, it was Pleasant Union to Six Forks (watch for craters – it looks like someone detonated IED’s in the road – probably to take out bicycles!). Lft on Six Forks, to New Light, Rt. On Purnell, Lft on Camp Kanata, Rt. On Woodland Church, Lft. On Jona Davis to Holden, lft. On Sid Mitchell, Rt. On Green (nice hills!), Lft on Long Mill, Rt. On Bert Winston, Lft on Hicks, Lft on College (in Franklinton), Lft. On Cheatham. Stop for a stretch at the ghetto yellow pawn shop at US 1. Then Pocomoke to Bruce Garner, rt. On Rock Springs (much to the dismay of Lee), Lft on Old Weaver, Rt. On New Light, Ghoston, Peed, Mt Vernon. Total mileage from Park Ridge 50. Average speed 15.4. Total climbing 2000’. Temperature at end 46 degrees.

Overall a very good route. Good roads (except New Light), light traffic. Some sand and a few icy patches on road in Franklin Co. Tough ride. The cold and wind really take it out of you. The ride back from Franklinton was a real slog. Headwinds the last 20 miles. Quote of the day by Lt. Dave upon encountering hills and 15 mph headwinds on Pocomoke “ What don’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Lt. Dave


  1. Hmmn. Looks like I might have to find a new "style" for these posts. The parodies have gotten quite "spot on".

  2. Hey, I just noticed you guys skipped Mangum Dairy and Bold Run Hill roads!