Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apr-14: Assault on Flat Rock - 50-mile version

Due to others getting phone calls and me making best use use of the downhill segments, I got to the stop-sign at the corner of Grove Hill Rd and Preddy Rd before the others.  I was looking around at the valleys falling away in most every direction, thinking that I'd been doing too much rando and not enough JRA lately.

At that moment, Norris reached the stop-sign and commented "it is great out here".  In response, I said "I was just thinking I'd been away from old friends for too long, by which I mean Wes Sandling and Grove Hill and Flat Rock roads and certain of the houses and scenery along them.  Oh, and also you and Bob and Paul ('the Mallet') and 'Ricochet' Robert."

Gosh, it was nice there.  Everything green and clean and flowers popping.  I even thought that the wind making the various flags stand straight-out added to the atmosphere.

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