Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lightning, Thunder, Rain -- No, Thank-You

I was supposed to do the "Leesville-Leasburg-Leesville" 204-km permanent today.
But as the 0500 alarm sounded, barely audible through the ground-shaking thunder,
I turned it off, thought for about 2 seconds, decided "nope",
And lay me back down.
Not to sleep though, as the THUNDER continued on for awhile longer.

I heard the 0535 alarm on my watch, and shut it off.
No longer was the sky filled with WILD LIGHTNING,
No longer was the ground shaking from the loudest THUNDER I can recall in quite some time,
I don't recall if is was still raining or not,
But I had already decided.

At 0620, which is when I would have started pedaling to the L-L-L start,
The roads were still so wet that, being fender-less as I am,
I would have been soaked in minutes, and
Miserable for hours after.

The others doing the ride are all be-fendered.
At least one is training for the Taste of Carolina 1200 at the end of August. 
All are faster than me and I would have likely dropped them within in few miles of the start.
That is ... dropped them off my front.

I'm not training for anything. 
And I already have my R-24 ride this month.

I can afford to pick my days and my rides.

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