Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Memories -- Three Years Ago

Three Years Ago on this date (Apr-17), a group of ten had some fun:
 _ _

This came to mind because Iva and I were hoping to sneak in a ride together, today.
Stuff got in the way.
Oh, well.

Happy 66th, Iva.


BTW, calling Ricochet -- this past Saturday, after I "mentioned" that I was worse off this year than three years ago when I first started randonneuring, you asked what I had done on the weekend between the 200 and 300 brevets "back then."  The answer, of course, is I did the ride linked to above.

Further, you asked what I did on the weekend between the 300 and the 400.  The answer, you may recall, was that I met you  :-O   [One Went Bonus Miles]

I think you've learned a thing or two since then, my RUSA Cup holding friend.

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