Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Had To Chuckle

Recently, Irregulars Lt. Dave and Red Rocket did the "Dyking + Peach Orchard Loop" route.
  (Click-here for a TrimbleOutdoors map.)
Each had previously done the route at least once.
Also, Red Rocket's son used to live in Louisburg, and
He used to do a lot of rides on all the roads near Louisburg with said son.

During the Dec-31-2013 Range Road Road Rover Holiday Rescue ride,
One or both "commented" about turning the wrong way and
Heading toward Warrenton instead of into Louisburg.

I asked, "how did you manage that?  Did you turn the wrong way at the end of Dyking Rd?"
After a few moments, Red Rocket replied,
"The cue indicates a left turn, but that only applies if you've stopped at the gas station."

A few days into 2014, I recalled the above exchange and
Decided to find my soft-copy (the original) of the cue sheet in question.
Here follows the beginning and then the interesting part of the cue sheet:

PUE:  Dyking 'n Peach Orchard Loop:  71 m.

@ turn go      on         comment(s)   
0.0 R 2.0 Pleasant Union Church Rd.
2.0 L 18.2 Six Forks Rd --> NL -> BG -> Pokomoke Rd --> Cheatham St
20.2 R 4.7 Mason St in Franklinton  --> W River Rd
24.9 L 2.1 Sims Bridge Rd
27.0 bR 0.5 to stay on Sims Bridge Rd bR after x-ing the Tar River
27.5 R 5.3 Dyking Rd
32.8 Refueling Stop  other side of US-401
"L" 0.7 US-401 / NC-39 Left out of the RS; R if don't stop; TRAFFIC 
33.5 bR 1.7 N. Main St (Louisburg)  --> S. Main St.

The comments clearly indicate a left turn if one has visited the rest stop, but
Turn right if you don't stop. 

It pays to look at the comments on a cue sheet.

Should anyone think I was chuckling AT RedRocket and LT, let me share the following:
 click-here-for-the-full-story; or just note this extract:
John had printed the cue sheet out in LARGE print, taking 4 pages.  I had reformatted and had the entire cue sheet on one side of an "8.5 x 11" piece of paper.  Mistake -- my eyes can't read type that small while in motion on the bike.  But John has younger and better eyes than I do -- and he had that LARGE print and a working confuser.  ... 

NC-242 was smooth and flat, and with John leading, the headwind wasn't bothering me too much; and it seemed to have little impact on John.  After enjoying many minutes of the smooth-flat, I asked John about the turn (I had looked over the cue sheet, but not really studied it while in Benson).  John's folding-over of his 4-page-cue-sheet was perfect -- Massingil Farm Rd was unreadable due to being smack dab on the fold, AND the right-hand column of comments was folded inside and hidden completely.  ...  

John took his cue-sheet out the plastic protection, and learned that we should have turned after only 0.8 miles on NC-242, AND he grinned at me and read aloud the comment:  "sign may be missing".  

As I indicated above, it pays to look at the comments on a cue sheet.  It also helps to have the cue sheet printed large enough to be able to READ it. 

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