Saturday, August 6, 2016

I wish I was riding as well as last year

This, from one year ago, popped up on my Facebook memories this morning.

August 6, 2015

Woohoo! 104k "Oxford" pop this morning with the usual ride partner. Seemingly virtually effortless. Started very easy, never seemed to pick it up (except for one outbound stretch when I was deep in thought and the bike picked up the pace all on its own), 2h04 in-motion outbound, 2h00 in-motion inbound for me. (The official elapsed time might look a bit slow since we started about 7 minutes late due to headlight issues and managed to time 2 outbound stop-lights wrongly, and had to wait for traffic at several spots outbound and inbound.) 
Woohoo-squared! That usual partner only put 6 minutes into me in the final 13.5-miles. (She usually puts 7 minutes into me.) Anyway, 6 minutes behind today, but I was faster on Bruce Garner / New Light than usual this year (with no effort), fastest UP Ghoston this year by a minute (with seemingly no effort), UP Peed at 7.5-8 mph instead of 5-5.5 mph (with very little effort).
Finished. Showered. Eaten. Relaxed. NOT tired. Woohoo-cubed! 

Also wish I had posted this to the blog last year.
I hope that I might have entitled the post "Aug-06:  Woohoo! 104"

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  1. I don't recall this ride at all, but I gather I enjoyed it.

    (Having ridden my "Oxford" course about 47 times, specific memories about a specific ride are few and far between. I do recall one thing from my first rando ride on this pop; I recall one thing from Mick's first ride on this pop; I recall several things from a particular ride with Lynn and MikeD on this pop; I recall Bob's "whew, that was a workout!" after we had chased Lynn on this pop. I don't recall much else. I suppose if I looked at the RUSA results and/or my Excel log, I might recall more, but ... .)

    47 times -- Dean (300+ on G'eD), Mick (nearly 200 on G'eD), Al P (100+ on one of his 100's), and even Bob (80+ on AO) are laughing.