Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rides on My Perms: 2012 thru 2016

In some earlier posts, I've mentioned that my bicycling was way down in 2016, or more like I've beaten that dead horse into the ground.  However, I continue on the subject.

The chart below shows the number of "days"(*) that at least one person started one of my perms for all years 2012 - 2016; also shown are the number of rides that were completed in those days/events and the number of different RUSA members that have ridden the indicated course at least once.

If you had read the previous posts alluded to above or know of the happenings in Johnston County, North Carolina in mid-February-2016, you would already suspect or know that the dramatic decrease in rides in 2016 compared to 2015 or 2014 is because a north Raleigh randonneuse was unable to ride during most of 2016 combined with the fact that I just didn't ride my bicycle very much in 2016.

My rando friend Dan Driscoll says and writes that one should make a plan (to K-Hound); others make plans to accomplish other goals.  However, I've never successfully completed a cycling plan; I've had much better results when I just rode what and when I could, enjoying the rides (or at least most of them).  So, for 2017, I'm not going to target any specific rides or goals, but I certainly hope to ride significantly more, on my routes and also on the routes of others.

I also hope to do some rides with the remnant Irregulars on some non-rando days and routes.

Enjoy your ride, whatever and wherever it is.

Route Name / Map Route # Kms
"Days" Complete Rides # Diff Riders
 "Days" 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

Bahama Beach #1404 103
152 266 25
39 31 36 29 17
BL-Oxford-BL #2259 104
81 136 9

36 34 11
Denny's Store Sortie #1795 138
33 68 12

9 14 8 2
Hope Springs Eternal #1636 140
1 4 4


Egypt Mtn #1444 210
35 73 18
10 10 5 6 4
Road to Hicksboro #1938 205
12 32 15

6 4 0 2
Badgett Sisters Pkwy #2497 208
1 6 6

1 0
Badgett (Bay Leaf) #2498 234
3 8 7

2 1
3-Lake-300 #2771 300
1 7 7

1 0

Fish Pop #1895 106
6 11 7

1 5
Ammon-Whiteville #1380 202
3 5 5

2 1


328 616

49 56 95 84 44

(*) "Days" -- sometimes, different groups of people have ridden the same route on the same day, but starting at different times.  I submit those to RUSA separately:  one memorable day, I started the Oxford route four hours after Lynn started the same route and we crossed paths approximately 10 kms from the start / finish; that day is recorded as two "days" in the chart above.


[Edit Jan-14-2017: 
"A" comment regarding "Hope Springs Eternal" and "Fish Pop" and "Ammon-Whiteville": 
  • "Hope Springs Eternal" (HSE) was originally owned by MickH, but in late 2016, he concluded that he needed to reduce his RUSA commitment / "tyre-print" in order to have more time for more important personal and especially family needs.  Mick asked me to adopt his routes, which I was happy to do; after all, Mick's routes were collaborations by the two of us, and I like the routing of HSE and the other routes once they are clear of Raleigh traffic. 
  • "Fish Pop" and "Ammon-Whiteville" were originally owned by MaryF (and were created with SIGNIFICANT help of High Point Region RBA Tony Goodnight.  Mary's interests and life underwent change in 2014, and I adopted the routes in late 2014 or early 2015. 
  • The many rides that were done on those routes prior to my adopting them are not shown in the above chart because one of the points of the data collection exercise was to portray the drop in route-owner duties that I incurred in 2016 compared to the prior years.]  

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