Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May-17: Badgett Sisters 208 -- NOT for Me

BobB, Daniel, and I set out to capture our respective R-rides.
Gilbert had "threatened" to ride out from his shop in Yanceyville to meet us.
Gilbert was good to his word.
We encountered him on Oak View Loop, about half-a-mile before Badgett Sisters Parkway.

Gilbert, Daniel, Bob.  Corner of Oakview Loop and Badgett Sisters Parkway.

We rode up into Yanceyville, where Daniel, Bob, and I had lunch at the Subway, and Gilbert returned staight-away to his shop where some chores or business needed to be attended.

Post-lunch, it was quite a bit warmer.
We tackled in reverse the rollers on Badgett Sisters and Oakview Loop, and
Then the five sharp creek drops and sharp climbs back out, to get to the control at Corbett.

Bob is in great shape and just pedaled along all day.
Daniel is in good shape, though he tends to push to big a gear when climbing.
I'm in lousy shape, but early in the ride, it was as if there was no chain / no resistance to pedaling.

I definitely felt the 10 sharp creek crossing between am-Corbett and pm-Corbett,
But thought I was in decent shape, and I was looking forward to the next 20-miles,
Which had seem flat in the morning.
The only concern I had was that we would be mostly into the wind for much of the remaining ride.

I should have been more concerned about the heat.
Fat, out-of-cycling-shape, not acclimated to the heat.
I told the other two to continue ride ahead regardless of me.

I finally made the "call of shame" at the 97.2-mile mark,
Agreeing to meet my rescue ride at Underwood Grocery (the pm intermediate control).

"Call of shame" or "call of intelligence" ?
I think intelligence.
After all, it took 48 hours for me to feel recovered.

After completing her business,
Lynn and her dog Lincoln came to Underwood Grocery to rescue me.
She brought some home-made ice tea; Lincoln brought a happy attitude.

L & L dropped me off at the finish a quarter hour or so before Bob finished.
Daniel was another 10 minutes or so further behind.

R-89 for Bob.
Must be about R-6 for Daniel, but I always suggest not counting until getting to at least R-9.

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