Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dec-26-2018: Holiday Range Road Rover -- NOT

The Irregulars used to do a Holiday Range Road Rover every Christmas / New Year's season.
Well, most years.
Range Road Rover course embed:

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However, the "tradition" has been becoming weaker in recent years.
I had the 26th and the 29th off.
An informal and probably not very well "attended" poll of the Irregulars
Revealed that more people could attend / would attend a Wednesday-the-26th ride,
So that became the plan.

Ride would start from Pleasant Union Elementary (PUE) at 10 am.
In the event, two or three that had indicated they preferred the 26th, cancelled.
The ride became IvaHawk, Harvey, and me.
Three of the four Irregulars that are also active RUSA members.
I wonder if there is more than just a correlation there.

According to weather almanac sources,
The temperature for the ride we did was approximately 50F the entire ride.
I also looked up the wind report, but I didn't write it down and have forgotten
What I saw just three or four minutes ago.

50F at the end of December,
Following all the absolutely crappy weather that we had almost the entirety of December,
Was very nice.

Iva, Harvey, and I agreed to do a ride shorter than the Range Rover.
But I recall that we never agreed on exactly what.

Harvey had a plan, and that is what we started riding.
But I thought he had described something else,
And when I realized how short Harvey's idea was,
I started nudging for a bit longer -- I had in my mind doing my old "'TT' / cadence" course.
Embed of that route:

Harvey complained, but ... we ended up doing the "TT" course.
Except that we started from PUE,
Which is about 2.4-miles from the start indicated in the embedded map,
Thus the route was only approximately 24.1-miles.

Turned out Harvey had also made an appointment to see his dad on the 26th,
And the two events were close to overlapping.

We finished the shortened TT route in plenty of time for Harvey to make it to his dad's.
He may have set a record for getting his bike on his car's bike rack on skedaddling.

Iva and I spent 10 or 15 minutes chatting in the warm sunshine of the PUE parking lot.
Warm sunshine, and protected from the wind.

That's my short story, typed 5+ months after the fact, and I'll be sticking to it.

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