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Mar-23: 7-Cs for Alan's 76 -- A 108-km Perm-Pop

Last year, I had the idea and put out the call to celebrate RBA Alan's 75th birthday
In a manner similar to how we celebrated his 70th birthday.
Clyde's Curious Critters Chatham County Cycling Circuit
Owner:  Raleigh RBA Alan Johnson

Thinking it a good idea to celebrate Alan's 75th birthday,
I put out a call / invite on the NC Rando list-serve and Facebook group,
To ride Alan's Perm-Pop and then share a low-key meal with Alan and the other riders.

Riders on the day:

  • BobB, #5843, 
  • me, #6218, and 
  • MikeO, #215. 

The three of us had a fun ride on a nice weather day in the middle of March.

This year, MikeO had the idea to celebrate Alan's 76th birthday.
But somehow, I ended up being assigned to put out the call for riders.
Hey, all --  

MikeO, BobB, and I are going to do Alan's 7-Cs Perm-Pop on March 23rd, with an 8 am start, as a belated birthday ride for the Fear Leader.  I reckon we'll do lunch after the ride -- lunch group includes Alan, but ride group probably not (as I understand it). 
  • if you missed the 75th birthday ride and lunch ride last year, and want to join for the belated 76th birthday ride, or
  • if you need to ramp up for Alan's Raleigh Region 200k Brevet on April 6th, or 
  • if you have no reason whatsoever, but just wanna' join what should be a camaraderie ride, 
contact Alan to arrange your paperwork exchange.
I rode from north Raleigh to the ride start in Morrisville,
Arriving to find Bob, MikeO, and Alan in the parking lot, waiting for me.

But surprise!  Mike wasn't going to be able to ride.
He had extra chores regarding his several dogs to take care of.
We let him off the hook for riding,
But maybe only because he left a contribution toward Alan's lunch.  :-O

[The historical weather almanac seems to be "down," 
So I can't confirm the weather conditions, so 
I'll just go with my memory.]

It was reasonable weather for mid-late March.
Cool but sunny, with a breeze or wind out of the NNW.
My Excel log actually notes "VERY windy, NNW."

Given the route, that was a headwind for some of the early miles, and
All of the miles after the penultimate control (Ray's Supermarket),

I had worked until 8 pm the night before, so my legs were tired all ride long.
Bob and I took a rather long stop at the first intermediate control -- Andrew's Store.
I was hoping my legs would start to come around.

The next miles to the intermediate Info Control at Clyde's weren't the easiest miles I've ever ridden.
But we had agreed to not take too much time at said Info Control.
Clyde's place was looking a bit worse for wear,
Instead of being the stellar looking place it had been a few years prior.
[I later heard that Clyde may have had to move into a nursing home / long-term care facility. 
Don't know for sure if that is true, but it seemed logical.]

We continued on our way to Pittsboro.
Just keeping the pedals going around.
I tried to force my legs to perform better on the section between Pittsboro and Ray's.
I figured that with a tailwind, it would be "easy" to pick up the pace and
Get the legs to come around.
Nope.  Didn't happen. 
The legs didn't start to feel better, and the pace was still rather slow.
I kept forcing my legs to work, looking forward to sitting at the outside table at Ray's
No luck on that table front, either.
Two "locals," one at each table, were sitting facing each other,
With the two tables between them.
Yes, I'll type it:  hogging both tables.
And each was busy smoking.
Making the entire atmosphere extremely less than I had hoped for.

We left Ray's for the last 24 or so miles of the course.
My legs wishing they were doing something else.

Bob, by the way, had been patient the entire ride.
He was in good shape having done a PacTour Desert Camp week in late February.
    ( Bob's blog report(s) from Arizona. )

We called Alan with about 10-miles still to ride.
From Wilsonville, if I recall correctly.

Alan met us at the finish.
Then the three of us walked from Bob and Alan's vehicles to the Mexican cafe.
I'm not sure which of Alan and me walked more gingerly across the lot.
My legs hurting from late work and riding, Alan's legs a bit wobbly from his recent LIFE activities.

I was quietly wondering to myself how I could handle Alan's April 200-km brevet
Given how badly my legs had just performed on the much shorter populaire. 
Regardless of such thoughts, and more importantly, we enjoyed a lunch together.

I'm wondering if there will be any chance to get more people to come out next year,
For Alan's 77th birthday.

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