Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec-30: Stop the Madness!

10:10 am, PUE:  Are we sure we want to do this?
Let's go.

10:24 am, corner of MVC and Old Creedmoor:  Snapper turns back, claiming cold hands.
Let's continue.

10:40 am, on Carpenter Pond Rd, somewhere between Kemp and Coley roads:  how about a 40-mile ride?
That will leave you short of your 10 thousand.
It's a deal.

10:45 am, corner of CP and Coley roads.  Avg pace so far:  13.6 mph. 
That's nearly half-a-mile-per-hour slower than yesterday.

10:50 am, on Coley Rd, between CP and Kemp roads:  how about a 30-mile ride?
That's a good idea.

10:57 am, on Coley Rd between Kemp Rd and NC-98:  how about we U-turn at the highway, and head back to PUE and call it a day?
But that will only be about 21 miles.
You can keep riding if you want, Smitty.
No, 21 sounds like a good idea.

11:40 am, PUE.  Let's get these bikes in our cars and get in out of this cold.
Great idea.
Happy New Year!

PUE:  MVC-CP-Coley to NC-98 - U-turn and retrace; w/ Iva, Tito, Smitty (+ Snapper for 3 m.); 22.1 m.; 1hrs, 28min; 15.1 mph.

1Qt tot: _20 rides; _755.3 m.; _47 hrs, 31 min; 15.9 mph.
2Qt tot: _43 rides; 2124.3 m.; 134 hrs, 59 min; 15.7 mph.
3Qt tot: _36 rides; 1947.2 m.; 121 hrs, 48 min; 16.0 mph.
Oct tot: __9 rides; _551.4 m.; _35 hrs, 41 min; 15.4 mph.
Nov tot: __8 rides; _372.3 m.; _23 hrs, 49 min; 15.7 mph.
Dec tot: __9 rides; _429.7 m.; _27 hrs, 50 min; 15.4 mph.

YTD tot: 125 rides; 6180.4 m.; 391 hrs, 36 min; 15.8 mph. 
(I had written and said that if the "chase" for 10k km became "unfun", I would stop.
It became "unfun" this morning.  Special thanks to those that were able and willing to "give it a go" this morning.  Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor -- I'm glad we all called a halt.   
Predicted highs in the low 40's with sun peaking around high, thin clouds -- my a$$ -- the high today [at least by when I started this post] was about 35F -- and those were thick clouds this morning!)


  1. Martin,
    The mark of a good leader is one who knows when to surrender to live to fight another day. Such a day was today. When I got back to the house I quickly looked at 31 degrees. The car said 27 on the way over to PUE before the ride. Happy New Year. I hope u get your miles tomorrow if you want. Iva P.S. the feeling is back in my feet.

  2. Happy New Year to you Martin! Thanks for inviting me on the rides this year, hopefully I can join you for more in the new year. One of my priorities/resolutions is to do more riding in 2010 than in 2009 (the year of the move with too many house projects).

    Supposed to be 54 tomorrow with a slight chance of rain in the a.m. I believe if my math is correct you only need 33 miles to make 10k km…..


  3. Hey, Levi!

    Just to be a math geek, according to my calculations, and
    if 1 inch = exactly 2.54 cm, then
    1 mile = 1.609344 km, exactly, so
    10 thousand km = 6,213.7119+ miles.

    Therefore, if one measures in miles (which I do), I must exceed 6213.71+ miles.
    Since I truncate mileages to the next lower 0.1 mile,
    I must accumulate and record at least 6213.8 miles to get to / exceed 10 thousand km.

    Therefore, I need 33.4 more miles to make 10k km. A flat 33 miles will not make it.

    One has to have standards for these things, and a standard I adopted a couple years ago can be illustrated thusly:

    A one hundred mile ride must be at least 100.0 miles (truncating tenths). Some portion slightly less does not count.
    A metric must be at least 62.14 miles (which means, because of the truncation) at least 62.2 miles. Some slightly less portion does not count.
    A 200 km ride must be at least 124.28 miles (which means, because of the truncation) at least 124.3 miles. Slightly less does not count.

    Therefore, 10k km must be at least 6213.71+ miles, which translates to 6213.8 miles.

    However, when planning an "irregular" 100-mile ride, I will give myself some leeway. For example, the cue-sheeted Middleburg / Solstice Century we did this past June was only 98+ miles. However, to get a legitimate 100-miler, I rode a couple miles before the official start of the ride, thus I finished the ride with 100.8 miles. Iva and Tito and some others added mileage at the end of the ride. Some rode to and from the ride, thus adding miles to the cue-sheeted course and getting a "legit century". The Mallet rode some 7 1/2 miles to the ride, and another 7 1/2 miles to get home after the ride; he definitely got a "legit century" and probably got in an Irondistance ride (112 miles).

    But yeah, I essentially need 33 miles to get the 10k kms. Depending on the weather, Lt. Dave & I (and perhaps an ECU-attending cycling fireman protege of LT's), and perhaps Smitty (& his son ?) and perhaps Snapper, may try to sneak in 34 or so miles tomorrow.

    It would be nice to say "I rode 10 thousand kilometers last year." But many, many rode farther. It doesn't really matter.