Sunday, March 14, 2010

March-14 - IRs at the Wilmington Sprint Tri

I received three e-mails while I was riding today. 
No text -- just pics.

Irregulars Represent.
Left to right:  IvaHawk, Smitty, Tito, Snapper.

Master Clydesdale - 1st Place.
And . . . saving the best for last.
Age 60-64, 1st and 2nd place.

Well done, guys!

Looks to me like the sky above Wilmington was friendlier today than the skies around Bayleaf, Treyburn, Bahama and Butner were today.


  1. Snapper dominated his class in not one, but two triathlons this weekend. Iva and Tito dominated their group so badly that the third place guy left in tears before the award ceremony. I also did two triathlons this weekend, finishing just out of the money on Saturday and in the middle of the pack for his age group on Sunday.


  2. Martin, thanks for posting these pictures. I see where the text didn't line up. You are on the ball to get these up so quick. Harvey wow'ed our group with 55 minutes. He would have been 3rd in his difficult age group and won not only his Masters Clydesdale but also would have won the young Clydesdale division. Smitty would have won the Masters Novice division had he entered there instead of age group. Tito and I lucked out a bit with who showed up. He would have been on the podium anyway. So I was the main beneficiary. I hope you all had a good ride this weekend. Iva

  3. I've decided that these three photos are much nicer than the first three photos Smitty took that ended up on this blog.

    Think about it.


  4. It was a GREAT weekend - starting in Clinton, NC all the way to the great surfing waves on Sunday afternoon. Even the ride home was perfect save those frequent FlowMax stops. TIVO (Tito plus Iva) put on a show for the all those in the house on Sunday and from what I hear maybe for those in the house Saturday night as well. Smitty is nothing but a Sandbagger on our Saturday outings. The man is an animal on the tri course. At mile 2.5 during the run on Sunday I've never seen someone with as big as a smile as I saw on his face. In total pain trying to kick it on the homestretch he was all about showing the love! Big shout out to Team Haigler for the support on Saturday during the Clinton race and to Big Slim Edwards for the usual gracious hospitality while in Wilmington. Looking forward to this Saturday - 100 miles - Yippee..... Snapper (no Cheetah this past weekend!)

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