Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It Was Bound To Happen

What with all the people around the last couple weeks coughing and spewing without even a pretense to cover their mouth, It Was Bound To Happen:  I've got a head cold.

Complete with achey legs and arms and tired eyes after reading (or whatever) for not all that long. 

I suspect that the first manifestation of symptoms was on the Christmas Eve Range Road Rover; my quads ached quite a bit on that ride ... probably more than can be explained by the lack of miles in early December and a 200 km Permanent two days earlier.

I was going to do a 200 km Permanent on the 31st for the fun (I already have a December 200 in the bank -- not that that "R" thing is a goal) and a Jan 1st 200 km Permanent for ... well, you know.

It would have been nice to be along on the ride where Jerry intends to "R-57", and Andy, JayJay, John O, Maria and possibly others intend to extend their "R-streaks".
I'll be happy if I can ride on the 1st while Dean does "R-48". 

And now I have some extra time to complete a "Year in Review" post ... if I can find the mental energy. 

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  1. Well, you did make it out on the 1st. And I was happy for the company. Happy New Year!