Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've Been Reviewing Posts From Early in the Year

... for material for a "year-in-review" type post.

I think I see why I took up randonneuring.  The rando rides have less drama.

For example:
  • there have been no reports of people needing to be duct taped to their bike on the rando rides (Feb-20Apr-2Jun-12), 
  • no reports of randos forgetting their shoes (Apr-2),
  • no reports of randos forgetting their front wheel (I can't locate the post with THAT incident),
  • no reports of a rando forgetting ... their BIKE (Jun-5).
To be fair, I decided in November or December 2009 to have a go at "that randonneuring thing".  That was well before any of the examples noted above.  And I am aware of a rear derailleur cable repair being required (Apr-10) on a brevet, and Bryan "crinkled" his steel frame and Glenn "forced a car off the road" during the Morrisville 600 km brevet (RTP post regarding the 600).


  1. So what is the difference between a rando ride and an Irregular ride? If you have previously answered this question you can just provide a link. Thanks and I hope you have a good ride tomorrow with Dean.

  2. The rando rides tend to be longer.

  3. It seems that Irregulars are like the Revolutionary War's NC-based Regulators: they can ride no matter what and survive. No shoes, no wheel, no steed. Little does it matter. Bring on 2011.


  4. Who needs a stinking bike. We can improvise!