Monday, April 4, 2011

Apr-2 - The Mallet Solo on the Mini-3-Hump

On Saturday, Apr-02: three Irregulars did the Morrisville 200 km brevet, one did a solo mini-3-hump-tour, four / five did a "local" Irregulars 100-mile ride.

To encourage some ride reports from the non-rando Irregulars regarding their rides, and to encourage contributions from the other two rando-Irregulars, I sent an e-mail late Saturday to an appropriate sub-list of Irregulars.  Because of that e-mail, Paul "the Mallet" was able to reference the 200k brevet in this guest blog report of his solo mini-3-hump tour.
I 3-humped my way round the usual 50-mile route, just not in the usual order.  I landed at the info center at the bottom of Pilot at 7:20, after leaving my house at 5:30.  The Pilot park was not open so I headed for Sauartown.

The first few miles were considerably colder than I had anticipated (32F) but it soon warmed up as the sun rose over Sauartown.  I took some video as I crossed Mickey and had Sauartown behind and Hanging Rock ahead and a great panoramic views to my left.  The sun was getting warm but the overnight rain had left the air clean and crisp - beautiful.

I still had not seen a single cyclist after getting back down HR, which was quite a surprise given that it was then 9:30ish.  Moores Spring Rd was fantastic running along beside the stream and then up the steps and esses to 66.

The wind hit at 10:30 as I turned off 66 onto Chestnut and blew consistently in my face all the way back to Pilot.  To that point it had either been to light to notice or was at my back.  I dropped off my ballast at the car as I passed and was very glad I had as Pilot was a lot steeper than I remember - isn't it always!

I was back down and loaded in the car by 11:45 and home at 1:35 - in time to do some plumbing before tea.  The car park at the base of Pilot, which had been totally empty when I arrived, was completely full of cyclist vehicles when I left and I did actually see a substantial group riding in as I pulled out.

For a quick trip to the 3 humps parking at Pilot is definitely the way to go.  I suspect it cut of at least 20 minutes drive time at each end.  Going solo also removes any faff - just load and go. 

Glad your 200 went well.  Did the wind pick up for you like it did for me or did you have it the whole time?



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