Friday, April 15, 2011

Lystra, "Stovall Mountain," and JP

About 10 months ago, I joined three others on Jerry's "Howling Grits" Permanent Populaire.  I thought my not-yet-warmed-up leg muscles were going to be ripped off my bones during the "assault on Lystra."  Barely knowing Jerry, but having learned that each of us was a "retired" Tarheel Hash House Harrier and that we had a lot of running acquaintances / friends in common, I "ripped" on Jerry:
Jerry CLAIMS that he designed this course with newbie randos in mind. HA !! 

After 2.2 miles coasting almost continuously downslope, we came to the bottom of a little hill sometimes locally known as "Col de Lystra".  2.2 miles coasting downslope, then UP!  Neither of my legs were warmed up.  The lower groin area of each complained vigorously during the entire climb.  I would rather ride 150 miles and encounter Flint Hill Rd., even with the possibility of cramps, than encounter the Lystra climb after 2.2 miles of non-warm-up. 

Showing MikeD the "Stovall Mtn", which Mike has now included on his Kerr Lake Permanent, which Jerry rides occasionally (including this past Saturday), is not sufficient "revenge".  Is there another "mountain" that can be incorporated into a local Permanent?  I'm on the look-out.
Last November, I had the honor of joining the "Three Hounds KLL" and riding with Dean and Jerry, et al.  Amongst the things learned during that ride was:  
Jerry doesn't want me to suggest any more alternative routings for the KLL, esp. if there are climbs involved. 
So ... for the reasons mentioned above AND for my own inclinations, I've been trying to figure out how to include all the "mountain roads" that I know about and that are within cycling distance of north Raleigh in a single ride of approximately 200k.  I finally had to settle for including five of the six:

I don't know that the above route would ever pass "Permanista" vetting, but it certainly qualifies Irregularly.

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