Friday, December 23, 2011


Just before 10 this morning, I opened an e-mail with a "sent" time-stamp of 9:01 this morning.  The e-mail was informing that the author would meet me at PUE at 10 to ride.  

Here's the thing:  I never indicated that I was definitely riding at 10 or so today.  I had indicated that I could imagine riding at 10 am today.  No one indicated that they had an interest in riding this morning, and as no one had indicated an interest, I certainly did not feel committed to doing something I had only imagined I might do.  

Even if I had intended to ride solo at 10 this morning:  when I'm riding with just-me-and-my-shadow, and not on a on-the-clock ride, I may leave late or early (more likely late) and I may change the route on a whim -- that's assuming I even have an intended route.  Therefore, even if you KNOW that I'm going to ride solo (and that is problematic as I have "cancelled" three or four intended solo rides recently -- mostly on Sundays), but if I don't know that you want to ride with me (at least 12 hours in advance) ... don't count on seeing me where and when you thought you knew I would be.  

Maybe Robert will do an amusing blog post about not finding me where he was certain I would be. 

I will see some of you Saturday morning, to ride the Holiday RRR from PUE at 0800.  

Merry Christmas to all, especially those I will not be seeing on the 24th, 

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  1. Uh-oh ... I published the route and start time! :-O

    I wonder if another "Wilmington Rick" will interpret that as an "open invitation".