Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec-15: Gone 'Splorin'

A few weeks ago, a coupla' guys I know didn't like riding on NC-62 from Burton Chapel Rd to Overview Loop Rd.  Something about going up a hill, into the sun, and noticing that two of their buddies just 100 yards or so ahead of them disappeared in the shadows -- the jersey colors and the deep shadows resulting from bright sun -- and riding more or less right into the sun -- made them think that finding an alternative routing to get from Gunn Poole Rd to the Badgett Sisters Parkway before the next Irregulars outing that direction would be a good idea.  [I'm pretty sure we'll be doing that route again.  Nice rollers across creek valleys and up actual hills; no traffic; smooth roads (for the most part).  And maybe we'll do lunch at Yoder's instead of Subway.]

Anyway, these two guys wanted to find and check-out an alternative routing.
You might call it "exploring".
In Cedar Grove.  Going or coming?  Yes.
Can you imagine the locals, having come to town for business, taking a sit on that green bench?

Two alternatives in mind.
The first turned out so well that they didn't check the second one.
Rumor is that someone used to work for Corbett.
Sign before and after Gunn Poole Rd. 

No NC-62, climbing into the sun.
And the alternative is flat, or so I heard.
Excess clothing was removed at the turn-around under the watchful eyes of the local beasts.
Note the white mule.
Note the flat terrain in the background. 

I heard that the one guy might have taken some photos.
If so, and IF he makes a post ...
I'll take this one down.  ;-)
[Edit Dec-18-2011:  Turned out there were some photos -- but ... the guy that took them claimed he liked this post, and the photos should just be woven into the above.]


  1. Martin,
    Good description of an enjoyable day in the country. Apart from the "gentleman" in the pickup just after we started, the traffic was light and friendly. The hills are impressive, but give way to plateau flatish sections at the top allowing some recovery. With the fresh country fried chicken at The Flat River Cafe and iced tea after the ride, we had a most enjoyable day. Next time we need to get there a bit earlier before they run out of vegtables.