Monday, May 21, 2012

May-19: "Lookin' Out My Back Door" 201-km Perm

Jerry put out the instigating list-serve e-mail.
Dean, Mick/Mike and Jerry were doing the captioned, relatively new permanent.

Given the "need" for R-rides, I figured that
Fearless Leader Alan and the O'rishman,
And the "Determined Crew" would join the party
(the "Determined Crew" had to bail for life reasons).

I tried to influence Ricochet Robert to consider doing the ride,
With truthful claims that the portion of the route
From Averasboro Battlefield to Cedar Creek would duplicate that section of the upcoming 600-k.
(If you do an interweb search on "Averasboro Battlefield", you'll find many links.)

The day's crew numbered 10:
Jerry, Dean, Mick/Mike, Alan, MikeO,
Sridhar, PhilH, young Allen, Ricochet Robert, me.

Mounted on 9 modernly geared bikes  +  1 snazzy-looking fixed.
The course shares a lot, repeat, a LOT, of roads with:

Easy to get confused if one is not carefully watching the cue sheet.
Easy to get confused if one has ridden all those courses and IS carefully watching the cue sheet.
That's all I'm noting on that front.
A few months ago, Dean had told me that I would like the new course from Coats to Dunn.
He was correct.
Mostly along the top of a wide, flat ridge.
A couple creek-crossings, and the related climbs.

I particularly liked the new roads on the outbound leg.
GREAT tailwind.

I don't recall too much of those new roads on the homeward bound leg.
Too much headwind.

How much tailwind / headwind?
Enough so that, after the ride, when I asked Alan if he had an enjoyable ride,
He responded, "at first I did; then we turned around."
The first six of us arrived at the turn-around in just under 4 hours.
(Probably my first ever 100k in under 4 hours.)

Everyone arrived at the turn-around by 4h10 elapsed time.
Almost a complete regrouping at Bethany Corners for a lunch stop.
Jerry had fried chicken, by the way.

But we headed back to start, now the finish, in several small groups.
I had met new-rando-this-year Phil H, even chatted with him 7 weeks or so ago,
At the Snow Camp control on the NCBC 200-km brevet,
But this was the first time I'd ridden with Phil.
Conclusion:  STRONG rider -- he did the lion's share of work into the wind.
Also, very pleasant to chat and ride with.

I had also met new-rando-this-year "young" Allen.
Clearly I met young-Allen at the same Snow Camp control mentioned above,
But I have no recollection of said meeting.
I do, however, recall a short chat with Allen at the Siler City control on the 300-km brevet.
Conclusion:  Nice guy.  Likely to become a member of the fast-crew
When he becomes more comfortable with riding hard while simultaneously eating.

Robert was the other person, in addition to yours truly,
That was part of the foursome that set a new course record
On this newish course of Dean's.
I've ridden with Robert many times.
Conclusion:  Still a nice, enthusiastic guy.
Oh, and Ricochet seems to be back -- banishing "Ragged Robert".

(Said "record" will clearly be shattered whenever any of the fast-crew
Decides to do the course with an eye to speed-training.
In the meantime, we'll enjoy our sure to be short-lived "notoriety".)
Post-ride, checking over and signing control cards at the picnic table outside the control,
And the subsequent conversations,
Put the icing on the day.

Lookin' Out My Back Door 201-km Permanent; 125.9 m.; 7h59 in-motion; 15.8 mph; rando elapsed time:  9h20.

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