Friday, February 22, 2013

N.C. Perms -- What Have People Been Riding?, # 7

I want to again express thanks to Ian for extracting the data off the website that has allowed this series of posts.  You know Ian, yes?  If not, here's a clue, in addition to being wiz at computer stuff and a completely nutz randonneur and a fellow member of the NC-Rookie-Class-of-2010, he's #1A on the member list of "La Société Adrian Hands".  [Good grief -- I hadn't looked at the LSAH membership page in quite a while -- the list seems to have gotten a fair bit longer.]
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Spreading Oneself Around:

I hadn't anticipated a post such as this one, but the idea for this one came to me one recent day while in Stem.  There are a lot of ways one could look at the data of whom has been riding what perms and how often, etc., but this one caught my imagination.  First, the chart of completed NC-Perm circuits and the number of different North Carolina Permanents completed:

All Years
  RUSA #
completed   circuits  # diff Perms
completed circuits  # diff Perms
6169    MickH 120       13      
167       17       
4070    Dean 83       9      
267       18       
3459    MaryF 28       3      
44       11       
6628    Ricochet 32       5      
43       6       
6218    Martin 57       13      
109       15       
1609    MikeD 15       9      
102       22       
3525    Jerry 19       8      
94       20       
5459    Janis 13       3      
82       7       
6016    TimL 8       4      
87       17       
621    Byron 18       5      
62       13       
692    Joel 24       3      
79       10       
5746    BryanR 13       7      
65       17       
5697    JohnO 2       2      
79       11       
306    Alan 17       5      
62       12       
215    MikeO 17       5      
52       11       
5519    Lynn 2       1      
40       11       
5448    Andy 11       3      
38       5       
5843    BobB 10       4      
40       15       
1582    Sridhar 14       6      
42       12       
3732    Al P 38       4      
47       8       

others 144       33      
574       41       

total 685       39      
2,175       43       

  • I admit that the above chart is a bit "out of order" given the point of the blog post.  However, the order was originally chosen for another purpose.  The twenty people specifically noted above are the twenty that had accumulated the most RUSA credit kms, by the end of 2012, on NC Permanents.  The first five are the 2012 NC 10K-Hounds, in order of total-2012-RUSA-credit-kms; the remaining fifteen are in order of most lifetime RUSA credit kms on NC Perms. 
  • Eleven of the first thirteen listed above have attained 10-K Hound status at least once.  Congrats to Janis and Byron for breaking the 10-K Hound near monopoly. 
  • Spreading it around in 2012: 
  • It is no surprise that Mick completed the most different NC Perms in 2012 -- thirteen.  That seems likely to happen if one accumulates 17-thousand total RUSA kms within a year. 
  • I am, however, rather shocked to see that I also rode thirteen different NC Perms in 2012. 
  • Everyone thinks that Dean rides the same two (or three) perm routes over and over (and over and over).  However, in 2012, Dean rode nine different NC-Perm routes; therefore spreading himself around third most. 
  • Tying Dean for the third in the spreading-it-around category for 2012 was MikeD.  Pretty amazing that he managed to do nine different routes since he only did fifteen Perm rides last year.  I checked the stats -- the only route that Mike did more than twice last year was Carolina Crossroads, which he did three times; I suspect that the reason he did CC three times was because that was about the only route that randonneuse Lynn could do in 2012 given her failing knees, and he wanted to ride a couple times with her before she had to hang it up for awhile. 
  • Fifth most spread around NC-Perm rider in 2012 was Jerry.  I don't know what to type about Jerry; I probably should eliminate this comment, but I won't. 
  • I previously threatened Ricochet Robert that I was going to tease him for being so hard to pry him away from Byron's L-L-L route (and, admittedly, my Egypt Mtn and Bahama Beach routes -- but mostly it is hard to pry him away from L-L-L), but I see that compared to Mary, Robert rode quite a few different NC-Perm routes.  
  • There isn't very much of either Robert or Mary to spread around, so ... . 
  • "Lifetime" spreading it around: 
  • Counting down from 10th to first: 
  • 10th -- with twelve different NC-Perms, a tie between Raleigh RBA "Fearless Leader" Alan and "My Cramps Are Killing Me" Sridhar
  • 9th -- with thirteen different NC-Perms, Byron
  • 7th -- with fifteen different NC-Perms, a tie between Biker-Bob and me
  • 4th -- with seventeen different NC-Perms, a tie between TimL, BryanR and Mick
  • 3rd -- with eighteen different NC-Perms on his resume, three-time 10K-Hound Dean
  • And that brings this series just about full circle.  To refresh your memory, the first line of this series, combined with the closing line of the first post in the series comes out as:  "Things have come a long way since Jul-01-2006, when two pioneering local randonneurs completed the first ever Permanent ride on the first ever Permanent route here in North Carolina.  ...  the intrepid pioneers were a certain MikeD (RUSA #1609) and one JerryP (RUSA #3525)." 
  • 2nd best at spreading it around on different NC-Perms, with 20 different routes completed as of the end of 2012:  JerryP.  (He's since added his 21st different NC Perm route.) 
  • And, of course, that leaves the most spread around on different NC-Perms, "a certain MikeD" with 22 different NC-Perms by the end of 2012.  (He's since added his 23rd different NC Perm route.)


  1. The fact that we have so many perms in one state is great. I like the "Spreading it around" name.

    NC perm memories gotta collect'em all!

  2. Martin, very interesting. Thanks for putting together. Robert

  3. Let's not forget all the route owners. For every one of these circuits, a volunteer has given his time to prepare cards and process our results. Many thanks. We couldn't do it without them.