Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crowded Schedule

I'm planning / doing nothing special or in particular on the bike, but the schedule is suddenly crowded:

Sat 6-Apr Morrisville Brevet -- 200

Sun 7-Apr Permanent


Sat 13-Apr IR Mayo Lake 100

Sun 14-Apr Perm-Pop


Sat 20-Apr Morrisville Brevet -- 300

Sun 21-Apr


Sat 27-Apr

Sun 28-Apr


Sat 4-May

Sun 5-May Permanent


Sat 11-May Morrisville Brevet -- 400

Sun 12-May


Sat 18-May IR VA Border Raid

Sun 19-May Perm-Pop

Sat 23-Feb Salisbury Brevet -- 200
Sat 25-May
Sun 24-Feb

Sun 26-May

Sat 2-Mar

Sat 1-Jun Morrisville Brevet -- 600
Sun 3-Mar Permanent
Sun 2-Jun

Sat 9-Mar Salem Fork Brevet-Fest
Sat 8-Jun
Sun 10-Mar Perm-Pop
Sun 9-Jun Permanent

Sat 16-Mar Alan's 70th b-day Pop/party Sat 15-Jun
Sun 17-Mar

Sun 16-Jun Perm-Pop

Sat 23-Mar IR Spring 100
Sat 22-Jun IR Summer Solstice
Sun 24-Mar

Sun 23-Jun 22nd -- Tony Mtn Brevets

Sat 30-Mar Fleche
Sat 29-Jun
Sun 31-Mar Fleche
Sun 30-Jun

The Saturdays without Brevets and/or IR Century Rides are left blank with the intent of doing an Irregulars ride.  The Permanents and Perm-Pops, although shown on Sundays, may get ridden the day before if someone that only rides on Saturdays wants to do a rando ride and/or no viable Irregulars ride occurs.

If I were sure I would do one or more of the Brevets, I'd bold that entry, and color it blue.  I listed all the NC Brevets even though I know I certainly will NOT do the Salisbury and/or Salem Fork Brevets -- I'm not in shape for that much climbing.

One thing I am absolutely sure of:  now that I have published the above "plan", it won't happen as indicated.

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