Monday, March 21, 2011

EVERY Time I Make a Plan

... AND Publish It ... It NEVER Works Out

This came to mind because, so far, the rides indicated in the "coming attractions" have not materialized.  Well ... come to think of it ... one ride did ... and it has been removed from the "coming attractions" ... I think that ride was the Blustery Ride of "The Dragon" on Feb-19th.  This also came to mind because I did a search of the blog for previous "Range Road" references.  One of the search results was this post.

Reproducing the text (all the dates are from 2009): 
Sat, Mar-21: modified 50-mile "Assault on Flat Rock", possibly more to make a 70-miler if anyone else is interested (given the list of likely suspects, er, riding partners, the 50 seems more likely).

Sun, Mar-22: 66-mile Range Road Rover w/ DntW & possibly Iceman.
Sat, Mar-28: "Eaton Rd Ramble". Base course is ~ 56 miles. Possibly with "bonus" miles.
Sat, Apr-4: 68-mile "bonk route". Possibly with "bonus" miles.
Sat, Apr-11: no plan, yet.
Sat, Apr-18: 78-mile Stem-LakeDevin-Oxford-BR #1. "Bonus" miles?
Sat, Apr-25: no plan, yet.
Sat, May-2: 74-mile Mt Tirzah.
Sat, May-9: no plan, yet.
Sat, May-16: Dave-ntW's "Three Hump Ride"
 So ... the inquiring mind asks "what actually happened?"  (I'll mostly skip the "no plan" dates.
Mar-21:  I had a head and chest cold.  (Given dynamics at the time, I doubt the The Irregulars did a group ride.)
Mar-22:  Obviously, I would still have had a head and chest cold.  I don't know what LT and Iceman did.
Mar-28:  I did not ride.  My log notes a lot of rain on Mar-27th.
Mar-29:  LT and I did a convoluted "Shadow Ride" hiding behind hills and trees.  (Note to Andy:  this ride was "epic".)
Apr-04:  We did a Snapper Recon Mission for his upcoming Beaver Dam Triathlon.
Apr-18:  We did the 68-mile Bonk Route, but somehow it was nearly 73 miles?
Apr-25:  No one showed for the "group ride."  I had an enjoyable solo ride.
May-02:  The Duke, the Mallet and I finally did the "Eaton Rd Ramble", which had been planned for Mar-28.
May-09:  We did the Mt. Tirzah Tour, which had originally been planned for May-02. 
May-16:  I did a convoluted course with Heath since he was the only to show up.
May-23:  We did LT's mini-3-hump tour and Picnic one week later than originally planned.  (Hmmn:  first year the ride was delayed one week; second year the ride was delayed two weeks; I hope that is not a pattern.)
 Conclusion:  My published plans NEVER come off as published, or planned.

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