Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mar-12: No Norris Today

Irregular cycling partner Norris was planning to get back on his bike for at least a few miles today as part of his continuing recovery from recent surgery, etc..  However, he had a "rough night" last night, so he did a smarter thing, and post-poned his return to bicycling.  Hope to see you soon, Norris.

We ended up with BobH, Gary, Wendy and me for a Creedmoor - Grissom 47-mile loop, with a slight diversion.  (Gary wondered what Leesville Rd did / looked like if one continued west beyond Doc Nichols Rd ... so I showed him.  About 1/3 of a mile past Doc Nichols, Gary commented "nice country road with rolling pastures."  I agreed that it was pastoral, but suggested he reserve judgement.  Why?  Because Leesville Rd ends at a stop sign at US-70 / Glenwood Ave -- at least two busy lanes in each direction connecting Raleigh and Durham.  Some charity rides used to come from around Cary up Page Rd to US-70, then traverse a half-mile or so on 70, then turn onto Leesville Rd to head farther north -- perhaps some groups still do that -- I don't know.  However, even with police protection, US-70 has gotten awfully busy through that section.  Oh, the people from large metro areas may not think it is busy, but it is busy by Raleigh-Durham standards; and the traffic is fast; and there is no shoulder to speak of.  And there is at least one better way to get across US-70 ... a couple miles closer to Raleigh.)  We continued our planned course.

En route, there were several occasions when one or more of us shed a piece of clothing or two, changed from long-fingered gloves to short fingers, partially rolled down arm-warmers.  From a low of around 34 F this morning, it was 68 F as I began to write this.  Sunny conditions.  No breeze to speak of early.  A bit of South to SW wind building by the time we finished our ride.

Sometimes we were slow.  Other times, some of us seemed to be doing a bit of interval training. 

Things are greening-up.  Horses were abundant, grazing in their respective fields.  We even saw one house, that appeared to be still under construction, where the sign out by the edge of the road indicated "Horse Property."  None of us realized that Horses owned any property.

See you on the road ...

--> PUE:  Creedmoor-Grissom -->; 64.5 m.; 4 hrs, 18 min in-motion; 15.0 mph. 

Jan tot: __9 rides; __671.4 m.; _46 hrs, 38 min; 14.4 mph.
Feb tot: __7 rides; __606.0 m.; _41 hrs, 18 min; 14.7 mph.
Mar tot: __2 rides; __131.4 m.; __8 hrs, 38 min; 15.2 mph.
YTD tot: _18 rides; _1408.8 m.; _96 hrs, 35 min; 14.6 mph. 

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