Thursday, March 31, 2011

John 6951

The third Irregular to actually join RUSA learned his # yesterday.  6951.  He signed up for three years ... and he hasn't even done a single "sample" brevet or anything ... that indicates more optimism than even Ricochet.  I never would have guessed THAT.  

In approximately 50 weeks (using my # as the base), 733 people have joined RUSA.  I wonder how many are still members.  (It is possible to determine that from certain files one can access from the RUSA website ... but I haven't endeavored to determine.)

I predict that John will become known in NC rando circles as "JohnA" ... there is already a JohnO and a JohnP that I know (or know of). 


  1. My friend Bryan H. just got his number too- #6901... I'll be calling him "Fast Bryan."

  2. "Fast Bryan?"

    What are you doing up and surfing the interweb at 4:28 am?

  3. Thanks Andy.

    It's good to be here.


  4. Martin, I think John deserves a better rando name than boring for his personality. He/we should come up with one then with his permission, you, I and your powerful blog could make it the rando standard.... your thoughts? Robert

  5. My "powerful blog?" What alternative universe are you currently inhabiting?

    I think that however we refer to him, the rando world will likely settle on "JohnA" in order to differentiate him from JohnO and JohnP. Similarly, there is MikeD and MikeO (sometimes MikeO is Mike O'C).

    You may think that because, due to this blog, you became Ricochet quickly, the same might happen with others. I doubt it. I think the reason Ricochet has attached so quickly to you is because, in the "Irregulars" and NC rando worlds, it fits and there was already RobD and Bob (BikerBob). "It fits" you as you bounce ahead to grab the wheel of whomever is threatening to drop off the front of the group, and it fits your always upbeat personality.

    So, Robert, my friend, you are likely to be Ricochet because it fits you, and John is likely to be JohnA or Ags. Besides, the only other name I can think of for John is "he who never pulls." ;-)