Saturday, April 25, 2009

Apr-25: It's still my solo Saturday ride


PUE: lake loop + Coley + Redwood + Northside + Strawberry + Dove + BeaverDam/RockSprings + a bit; 62.2 m.; est 2835 ft climbed --> effort index = 90; 3hrs, 58min; 15.6 mph avg pace.

1st Qt. tot: 20 rides; 755.3 m.; 47 hrs, 31 min; 15.9 mph.
Apr tot: 12 rides; 603.4 m.; 38 hrs, 55 min; 15.5 mph.
YTD: 32 rides; 1358.7 m.; 86 hrs, 26 min; 15.7 mph.

No one showed for the 7:00 am ride, so I left solo @ 7:02. To vary things a bit, I started across Norwood instead of the usual MVC "fall"; I intended to turn onto Victory Church Rd, but I had to wait so long for the light at Creedmoor Rd, that a serendipity rider appeared and I rode with him (John ?) all the way to Leesville Rd and then Hickory Grove and down and up Coley. It was nice to have someone to chat with. And that start, with the diversion onto Coley, set the plan for the ride.

I decided to do the "standard" lake loop, but with all the small extra loops I know.
  1. Coley + 7.3 miles.
  2. Redwood + 2.2 miles.
  3. Northside + 1.7 miles.
  4. Strawberry Fields Forever + 1.6 miles.
  5. Creedmoor-Dove + ~ 2.9 miles because I used the recently discovered shortcut which means I did not go ALL the way up into Creedmoor (I'm calling the shorcut loop "Dove".)
  6. Beaver Dam +5.9 miles.
I had to make some laps in the parking lot to get a legitimate 100k.

Thursday, I pedalled the bike. Hard.
Today, I let the bike do the pedalling and let my feet have a free ride just making circles riding on top of the pedals. Nice way to do a "recovery" ride.

I forgot to take my pulse at the end of the ride. But I am willing to bet that it was no where near the 122 bpm that it was 5 minutes after the end of Thursday's ride.

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