Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apr-23: My Dabney / Watkins Scouting Mission


BJP: BR #1 to Dabney - PplrCrk-Wtkns-ChGrssm-GrR-Philo-BR #1; a bit of a nuisance NW ? wind; 72.8 m,; est 3020 ft climbed --> effort index =103; 4hr, 28min; 16.3 mph avg pace.

1st Qt. tot: 20 rides; 755.3 m.; 47 hrs, 31 min; 15.9 mph.
Apr tot: 10 rides; 529.3 m.; 33 hrs, 56 min; 15.6 mph.
YTD: 30 rides; 1284.6m.; 81 hrs, 27 min; 15.8 mph.

Set out see if I could shake some of the residual mtn soreness out of the legs. I pushed pretty hard. Aside from achey legs, I had a side stitch the last 20+ miles, and my lower back was complaining some -- enough that I had to back off a bit on some short stretches. All-in-all, a pretty good ride.

Since none (almost ?) of the irregulars actually check this blog, none of them will know that I did the same miles as last Saturday (different course) in 8 fewer minutes. I think I saw more sights on Saturday, though.
edit, Oct-1-2009:

I decided to "run" a veloroutes on this course to see what the climbing estimate would be. A VERY strange thing occurred -- veloroutes developed 1.4 miles more than I got off my cycle confuser that day. 74.24 miles (and 3175 est climbed). If the 74.24 miles is correct, then I avg'd about 16.6 mph on this route this day.

I will leave my log as I have it, i.e., I will leave the route as 72.8 miles. But I may have to do this exact route again, and if the mileage is consistent with 74.2 miles, THEN I may come back and change the stats for this day.


edit, Oct-2-2009:

Additional review indicates that the reason for the above discrepancy is likely because the above route (as shown on veloroutes) is not the correct route. The actual route ridden did NOT include Flat Rock Rd; instead, I continued on Philo White Rd to Conyers Rd to NC-56 thru Wilton and on to Grissom via Lawrence Rd. The actual route, per veloroutes is about 1.3 miles shorter than the route shown on the above veloroutes map, and also entails approximately 155 fewer feet of climbing.

I guess I should trust records made at the time of a ride, and not trust faulty memory some five months later.

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