Sunday, April 5, 2009

Apr-5: Lake Loop + Assault on Flat Rock


BJP: lake loop + Assault on Flat Rock; 71.3 miles, 4hr, 33min, 15.6 mph avg pace.

Jan tot: 2 rides, 96.0 m.; 6 hrs, 5 min, 15.8 mph.
Feb tot: 11 rides, 350.4 m.; 22 hrs, x min, 16.0 mph.
Mar tot: 7 rides, 308.9 m.; 19 hrs, 26 min, 15.9mph.
Apr tot: 3 ride, 149.5 m.; 9 hrs, 22 min, 16.0 mph.
YTD: 23 rides, 904.8 m.; 56 hrs, 52 min, 15.9 mph.

I'm tired.


  1. why are you tired? just from the ride? (not making light of your ride either...) did you do the ride before all the wind? i waited too late today and had to fight the wind for the whole ride...

    january - 4 rides/70mi/5:08hr
    february - 17 rides/393mi/23:33hr
    march - 18 rides/501mi/33:42hr
    april - 4 rides/189mi/11:57hr.
    ytd - 43 rides/1155mi/74:20hr

  2. I did NOT ride / finish before the wind picked up. And my shadow did not do a very good job of breaking the wind for me.

    I think I was tired from the effort on Saturday, which turned into an accidental interval training, what with county line sprints (the plan was to set-up Harvey to take the CLs instead of letting PaulN get them all - Paul knows where all the CLs are, but Harvey knows nought - however, Harvey was useless for the sprints, so I ended up having to contest Paul one-on-one - I took the "all important" first two CLs, including quite a little "finish" sprint for the second one), and working some steep climbs.

    But you know all that. Duh. Just hit me how much you are "funnin' on me". Duh.

    I was all set to go on a bit more, then, duh, I came to my senses. Well, I'm tired from today's "absolutely no wind" ride; that's my only excuse.

    My other excuse is that I haven't learned to expect "Karen humor" - on a regular or irregular basis.

  3. LOL...Karen Humor...that's a good one. :) I'll try to keep you on your toes!