Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nov-16: The 'Road to Hicksboro' 205

I was gonna' write about: Could an out-of-shape fixie-boy and
An out-of-shape many-geared old-guy 
Do a many rollered 200k together and 
Finish in under 10 hours?  

But my available rando time the next few days is suddenly committed to something else, so ...  
I'm just going to use the text of an email I sent to a friend that did the "Old Liberty" perm. 
Because this is essentially a copy of an email to a friend, some things that might normally get a better explanation, don't. 

The replacement of the bridge on Cornwallis Rd connecting Mountain Creek Rd to Little Mountain Creek Rd has been completed.  No detour needed.  No getting one's shoes muddy walking across the not quite completed bridge.  ...  On this ride, Ian and I decided it was a good place to take an extra 5 to 7 minute break; the barrier was just the right height for leaning one's bike against and also for sitting upon.
Ian was convinced by the time we got to the first control that we'd be finishing in the dark.
We didn't dally at controls, but we didn't hurry, either.
The store in Stovall was jammed with Lottery ticket buyers.  I thought we'd never get out of there, and Ian definitely needed some food -- he got tater-tots and hash browns -- took forever to get because the person preparing that for him had to go to the front register to rescue the clerk that was overwhelmed, mostly due to inexperience, it seemed.

We got to the Dabney control at 2:10 pm.
I looked at my watch and told Ian that we would certainly beat the Dark Monster and probably finish under 10-hours, as we only had 38 more miles to go.
Ian said, "38-miles in 2 hours?! ... Oh, 3 hours -- okay."

We passed the model airplane airport at about 3:30 pm, getting our first sunshine of the day,
While watching the one plane do acrobatics. 
The sun did come out in force for a bit, but then started to sprint for the horizon.
We got to Pokomoke at about 3:53, I told Ian we would almost certainly be done before 5:00,
Telling him I have recently done the remaining 16.2-miles between 54 and 68 minutes.

I tried to to time-trial in on Bruce Garner, etc., but I didn't have the legs to maintain anything up any incline.
Took me nearly 24-minutes to get from the bottom of Ghoston to the stop sign near PUE (4.6-miles).
Earlier this year, I did that a couple times in 18:15 and 18:12.
Yeah, I was tired / had no legs.
Despite that, we officially finished at 4:58 pm.

Ian was on his fixie.
He doesn't like the handlebars currently on that steed.
His left achillies was bothering him quite a bit, esp. later in the ride.
However, in general, he did start feeling better later in the ride.

For the first two-thirds of the ride, when I would re-catch him (he'd drop me every climb, I would usually drop him on the descents), I would zip around him.  Late in the ride, he started doing an "Ian tactic," that is, he wouldn't let me pass him.  I finally mentioned that I knew he was feeling better because of the aforementioned.  He responded that he was feeling much better, except for the achillies.

R-44 for Ian.
He figures to take "30 days" away from the bike before trying to get his December R-ride.

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