Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nov-09: Chilly L-L-L 205-km Perm

"In" Mt. Tirzah, 89-miles down, 38-to-go:
Bob commented that previous time he did Triple-L, there was some good chilli at Hollow Ridge Grocery.
This time, no chilli.
Only chilly conditions all day.

Ricochet Robert had "the music in him" today.
He rode off, with our blessing, from the turnaround in Leasburg, just a minute after we arrived. 
Reportedly 9h35 for R-26 (though if he doesn't soon apply for his R-24, I may ignore his R-rides :-O ).

I did not have any music in me on the day.
About 21-miles into the ride, I commented that
The early climbs on Triple-L route were a lot tougher than early climbs on the Bahama Beach route.
However, fast-forwarding, I may have found some cadence during the final 17-miles.
Thanks to Bob -- R-40-continuous for me.
Approx 10h45.

Bob slowed and waited for me.
Several times.
Maybe more than several.
R-47-continuous for Bob, as he continues to lead the NC-2010-rookies on that front.
[I mention the NC-2010-rookies because Bob asked if I planned on doing an update early in 2014.]
Also 10h45 for Bob.

According to Bob's confuser, the two of did the 127.6-mile (205-km) route in 9h16 in-motion.
I guess that is what doing too few rides, and not hard enough, will do.

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  1. I didn't comment on the beauty of the Fall colors because most of the leaves had been blown off the trees in the middle of the preceding week, and the leaves left on the trees were mostly a brownish color. Either that or I didn't look up from my struggles to see anything interesting. And I did look up from my struggles in a few specific locations where one can usually count on a nice vista.