Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct-29: Sorghum and Horace Greeley 210k Perm

That was the point/goal of the ride.
That was accomplished.
Need I type more?
Not really.

  • 20 days off the bike, on the "use it or lose it" front -- I think I've lost it. 
  • One might think that I'd follow my own advice and start easy, but on this course, when doing it solo, I seem to push the opening 36-miles too hard, and arrive at the Epsom control with aching legs.  Which then requires a "back off" approach for the next section.  
  • Did I take it easy at the beginning?  Apparently not.  When I dismounted in Epsom, the legs complained and I thought to myself, "dang it!" 
  • I guess I should admit that I did manage to bring the ride in under 10-hours. (9h59) 
  • I can think of a couple friends that might scoff at me for claiming a rough ride and still getting in under 10-hours.  (Friends for whom sub-11-hours is usually not even a whisper of a ghost of a hope.) 
But the course is friendly, as long as you remember to "save something for Egypt Mtn."
The clerks and locals in Epsom are friendly.
The staff and customers at the Hardee's in Warrenton are friendly.
And the vehicular traffic is friendly, too (until one gets close to Raleigh near the end).
Sorghum field on Alison Cooper Rd, just south of Middleburg.
Horace Greeley - historical marker in downtown Warrenton.

After I entered the ride into my Excel log, I noticed that my lifetime miles exceeded 50-thousand during the ride.  Hmmn, a little mental calculation indicates that 50K lifetime miles came almost exactly as I passed Egypt Mountain Farm atop Egypt Mtn.  Nice. 

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