Friday, October 4, 2013

String Theory -- The Rando Version

I certainly do NOT understand string theory(ies) as tossed blithely about by physicists.

However, I do understand the concept of stringing together a series of known cycling routes to make a longer one.  For example, Durham, NC rando JohnM has created a loop that consists of three RUSA Permanents strung together, making (what is purported to be) an excellent three-day tour.
Location Free- route? Km Climb (ft.) Name Organizer States
NC: Biscoe no 123 3800 Triad Triple Tour #3 M___, John NC
NC: Dobson no 201 6000 Triad Triple Tour #2 M___, John NC
NC: Hillsborough no 205 8000 Triad Triple Tour #1 M___, John NC

I also understand the stringing together of several RUSA routes, using their overlapping or intersecting points to make a new route with a different purpose. With a little luck and knowledge, combined with a little creativity, one might make use of existing courses to make a travel route from one location to another.  This is the version of "Rando String Theory" that I have in mind today.

The goal?
Create a reasonable travel route from Cameron Village Shopping Center near downtown Raleigh, NC to the start of the 2013-version of the "Taste of Carolina 1200" in Lumberton, NC.

The solution?
"String" together the following routes (which 2013 RUSA rookie BradW described as "incestuous" the first time he did the Get 'er Dunn Permanent Populaire):
  1. OakElmOak / Hope Springs Eternal / Bunn Warmer (they are the same route, one simply turns around earlier for HSE, and even earlier than that for the Bunn Warmer), 
  2. Carolina Crossroads
  3. Benson Mule Pull
  4. Get 'er Dunn
  5. Lillington Lilliput
  6. Lookin' Out My Back Door
  7. Tar Heel 200
  8. Lumberton-Ammons-Whiteville
For good measures:  (a) the resulting "string" route includes nearly 37-miles of "Uncle" Alan's NCBC 600k Brevet route, and  (b) the "Ammons-Whiteville" perm route started life as a TonyG brevet route(s), and still is!   

The result?
A reasonably direct 107.5-mile route between the desired locations.
[It helped that I've ridden each of the routes indicated above, except the "Ammon-Whiteville: route, at least once, and from those previous rides, I knew when to switch between routes.  Oh, wait, I haven't ridden the "Lillington Lilliput" route either; but I have ridden the portions that contributed to today's "String Theory" result.]  

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