Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct-09: Rando Perm String-Theory Applied

Cameron Village in / near downtown Raleigh, NC to Lumberton, NC.

Not doing the Bicycle for Life Taste of Carolina 1200, but only volunteering.
Wanting to ride something, I rode to the 1200 start.

107.5-miles from CV to Lumberton.
Entire route on roads from several intersecting / overlapping RUSA Permanents.
(Thus "Rando String-Theory" in action -- that is, stringing together parts of multiple routes.) 

6 hours, 35 minutes elapsed time.

Only 8 minutes of stoppage / "pauseage" time.
Three of those 8 while still in downtown Raleigh (stop-lights and SOME traffic, at 0630).
Four minutes to stop and eat some nibbles from my pockets. 
One minute for a roadside nature break.

Fastest 100-miler ever for me.
The tailwind the first 90-miles may have helped on that front.
Or perhaps it was that I had been "feeling really good" -- click-here for explanation.  
The headwind the last 17-miles, into a wind-blown sprinkle-mist was not so helpful.

I arrived at the ToC start in plenty of time to help on Wednesday afternoon, evening and night.
The volunteer activities thru Sunday night provided an interesting experience.
I hope to put fingers to the keyboard in the next few days and type something about that experience.
With luck, that post will be mostly about the riders and the interactions with same.

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