Sunday, September 29, 2013

My First 100-Miler

Six years ago, on Sep-29-2007, I rode my first ever 100-miler.
It was a modified version of the "Virginia Border Raid."

31-miles farther than I had ever ridden previously.
That 78-mile ride was on Sep-22-2007, i.e., seven days earlier.
(I'd had company for the first 23-miles of that Sep-22nd ride.) 

Year Month Date start / course Miles mph
2007 Sep 22 PUE:  Shoofly Don't Bother Me 78.3 5.00 15.6
2007 Sep 28 BJP:  DocN-Kemp-Virgil 29.7 1.51 16.0
2007 Sep 29 PUE:  VA border ride  --  7h55 elapsed 109.0 7.01 15.5

One might think, that if I could ride 109-miles, solo, 7h01 in-motion, in 7h55 elapsed time,
That I ought to be able to ride 200k rando rides in 9 hours relatively frequently.

However, as best I can recall, I have only two 9-hour or less 200's.
316246 ACPB 200 2010/10/02 NC: Raleigh route 227 (unnamed) 09:01
326879 ACPB 200 2011/04/02 NC: Raleigh route 227 (unnamed) 08:31
[And clearly, one of the "9-hour" 200's, was a minute over 9-hours.]  

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