Sunday, May 17, 2015

May-09: Leenda + 1 of Her Peeps 138k

We interrupt this long winter of non-blogging discontent to return to active posting (I hope).

I still have a couple "Reset" pieces I'd like to type, but they've been serving as a mental block.
So, to overcome the blockage, I'm gonna' just pick up more-or-less as if there had been no long lapse.
I enjoy going back and reading about my own rides.
Sometimes I learn that I have or had forgotten about a particular ride. 

One person has said to me, more than once, "leave me out of your blog."
However, I've been doing quite a few rides with that person in the last year,
Or at least starting rides with that person.
I've decided to come up with a code name with which to refer to said person:  "Leenda"

Leenda and I rode the Denny's Store Sortie 138km perm-pop on May-09,
Hoping to avoid getting rained upon (in defiance of the advancing Tropical Storm Ana).

We pretty much stayed together until the "Range Wall."
Leenda waited for me after that climb, and we did all of Range Rd (that is on this course) together,
Made the zig-zag onto Bahama Rd and continued on together for a bit.

Before reaching Moriah, I commented, "I wonder if any of your peeps will be at the control."
Leenda thought we might be too late for them,
But the peeps (actually locals sitting on the bench(es)) are usually there at 9 am in the summer.

Shortly after Moriah, Leenda drifted off my front wheel
As the road generally tilts up from there to Mt. Harmony Church.
After cresting Mt. Harmony, there is a series of rollers
Upon which I'm confident Leenda drifted even further ahead.

I pulled into the control at the Allensville Store at about 0909,
Only 10 to 15 minutes behind when I usually arrive WHEN I'm actually IN SHAPE.
This is what I found:
Leenda + 1 Peep, on the benches at the Allensville Store control.  [Hmmn, someone's control card indicates that they likely arrived at the control only about 7-minutes, maybe a bit more accounting for a delay between arrival and the store clerk initializing the control card.  So much for the "here he is; only half-an-hour after you got here" from the Peep.]  

Skipping ahead:  
Leenda was ready to leave the next control, at Berea, only 12.8-miles from Allensville, when I got there.
I, on the other hand, needed to EAT.
I often do the Denny's Store route just eating, but on this day, I needed to EAT.

Leenda left as I went inside to order a sandwich and get a drink.
She finished in a pedestrian 6h21.
[She has done this route in 5h31, IIRC; but she attributes that to MikeD being in a hurry that day.]
I finished in a just-keep-pedaling 7h00.  

Not much of a story.
But all I really wanted to do was post that photo.

Oh, btw, I imagine that Leenda will give me grief, sooner or later, about this post. 

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