Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May-14: Egypt Mtn 210

Leenda, Bob and I did the "Egypt Mtn" 210k Perm on May-14.

The last time I did this Perm was early October-2014.
I had a great day with plenty of pizzazz in my legs.
Bob was doing his October R-insurance ride, about 12 days before the Taste of Carolina 1200.
It was also supposed to a confirmation that he was ready for the 1200.
Bob got in his insurance-R, but struggled from about the 50-mile mark on.
[There were three other riders that day, one of which was Leenda.]  

Seven months on, and things were considerably different.
Bob was doing a May R-insurance ride 10 days before the Lone Star Rando 1000.
He certainly confirmed that he is ready for the 1000, and snagged R-65.
He dropped even Leenda on a climb or two en route to the first control in Epsom.
And he rode with Leenda on the 200-foot climbs between Drewry and Warrenton,
While I drifted farther and farther back,
Because I was out-of-shape and had no pizzazz in my legs.
[Lucky for me, Bob joined me in dropping Leenda off our front wheels with about 42-miles to go.] 

The most interesting thing during the ride probably occurred at around the 30-mile mark:
The three of us were riding together, sorta' in a line, sorta' in conversation formation.
A dawg came running at us from the left,
I did not increase my pace,
Instead I calmly anticipated the blast from Bob's magic air-horn.
Leenda did start to pick up her pace
And had just edged ahead of me when the dawg was finally in position for the air horn to do its job.
Leenda gave a bit of a shudder.
I mentioned that I gathered that she had never experienced Bob's magic air horn.
She replied that though true that she'd never heard it,
She had heard ABOUT it. 

All-in-all, we had a good day in the cool-temps playground; the wind slowly backed around so that we a headwind for the first 64-miles, and also had a headwind for most of the last 50-miles -- ugh!

That's the short-ish story for this ride, except for the following:

I think I know the next three North Carolinians that will earn the RUSA Mondial Award:
  1. Lynn, currently 39428 lifetime RUSA kms. 
  2. Me, currently 38892 lifetime RUSA kms. 
  3. Bob, currently 37921 lifetime RUSA kms.  
Bob and I stopped atop Egypt Mtn so I could take a photo of our steeds resting against the Egypt Mtn Farm sign.

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