Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb-01: 1001 Carolina Days

My previous ride, in addition to being the fifth anniversary of the Bahama Beach perm-pop,
Was also my 1000th ride.
Or, at least it is recorded in my records as my 1000th ride.

Today, with BobB, #5843, we did the "Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf" 104 km perm-pop.
1001 rides for me since I've kept records.
1001 stories.
Many on this blog.
[Not all my rides have been in North Carolina, only the VAST majority of them.]   

This ride was much easier from the first pedal stroke than the ride three days previously.
Of course, the "Oxford" route is easier, read flatter, than the "Bahama Beach" route.
But I think the main thing making it easier was that I was on a "lucky good" day,
Instead of a "lucky bad" day.

An interesting thing or two from the ride:
  • The wait for the light to change at NC-98 was almost no wait at all.  Not quite, but almost. 
  • However, the previous wait to turn onto Six Forks Rd probably set a delay record.  We timed getting to that turn, 3.2-miles into the course, very badly.  It felt as if we waiting for five minutes, and we may have actually had to wait that long.  
  • The surface over the rebuilt bridge on Lawrence Rd is very smooth.  
  • And that's about it. 

We had periods of chatting and long periods of riding without words.
The only subject I can recall is Bob asking if I had read John Lee's blog post
Comparing Audax UK brevet ride distances to RUSA brevet ride distances.
I hadn't read the post at the time, but I did shortly thereafter.

The wind was rather indeterminate.
Giving the impression of an apparent headwind both directions.

Oh, an interesting data item from the ride:
2h15 in-motion outbound; 2h15 in-motion homebound.

This ride put me over 500 RUSA kms for the year,
Bob over 1000 RUSA kms (or maybe he accomplished that in January).

P-unknown-count for Bob.
P-26 for me.
(I interrupted my original P-series after 35 months, and restarted the next month,
So ... you do the math.)

Also, Bob and I are each on target of an NC-P-12-Explorer-Challenge "award."

Oxford 104-km Perm-Pop; 64.7 m; 4h30 in-motion; 14.4 mph; rando elapsed time: 5h00.

Jan tot:  _4 rides;  _314.7 m;  28h08;  13.0 mph; _451 RUSA kms
Feb tot:  _1 rides;  __64.7 m;   4h30;  14.4 mph; _104 RUSA kms.
YTD tot:  _5 rides;  _379.4 m;  32h08;  13.2 mph; _555 RUSA kms.

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