Monday, February 6, 2017

Jan-29: Fifth Anniversary Bahama Beach

Exactly five years ago, Jan-29-2012, MickH, #6169, and I opened the Bahama Beach account.

Today, Jan-29-2017, it was fitting that Ricochet Robert, #6628, and I
Celebrated the fifth anniversary by riding this 103k "free route" perm-pop together.
Fitting because Robert has ridden the route more times than anyone else,  
And because I am the route-owner

I was drafting an involved post that included information on the history of the route,
Including who had ridden it the most, the fastest, the slowest,
Who might have been the most notable randonneur, etc., etc..

However, in the end, I decided that approach was getting rather silly,
So just this report:

It was a hard ride for me / a hard day for me, from the very beginning.
I think it may have been a hard day for Robert, too.
After all, he had to take it easy on the "flats"
And wait after every climb (and there are many of those on Bahama Beach).

We considered doing the standard route,
The original not-a-free-route routing, thru Creedmoor,
But decided to avoid the possible extra traffic that might entail.
[Extra traffic -- HA!  That might have been half-a-dozen cars.]
Instead using the "3-Hayes" variant to bypass Creedmoor.

However, as we approached the decision point as between "3-Hayes" and "Hester Rd,"
Robert suggested we use the "Hester Rd" variant to remove some climbing.
I was more than willing.

As noted above, it was still a hard half-day on the bike, for me.
Robert's day?
He will always be cheerful happy,
But I imagine I wore him out, his having to wait so much.

Bahama Beach 103-km free-route Perm-Pop, with "Hester Rd variant"; 66.2 m; 4h46 in-motion; 13.4 mph; BB elapsed time: 5h30.

Jan tot:  _4 rides;  _314.7 m;  28h08;  13.0 mph; _451 RUSA kms
YTD tot:  _4 rides;  _314.7 m;  28h08;  13.0 mph; _451 RUSA kms.

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  1. Good on you Martin ! Keep it up, you know you'll get back in shape.