Monday, April 24, 2017

Apr-08: Morrisville 200k Brevet

Prior to the start, maybe during a previous ride,
BobB and I had explained to Daniel that Bob and I would be dropping most of the peloton
Off our front wheels quite early, maybe even before hitting 2-miles.

Due to an uncooperative stoplight at Davis Drive, approx 1-mile into the course,
It was more on the order of 3 or 4 miles before we let them go.

Not much to mention about this ride.

I indicated three iconic photo locations that Daniel might want to capture for his new blog:
  1. the "cow" on Castle Rock Farm / Old Switchboro Rd, 
  2. the dam just south of Snow Camp, and 
  3. the "UFO" on Snow Camp - Siler City Rd.  
I know Daniel stopped to take some photos, but
I don't know if any of them came out blog-worthy or if Daniel blogged the ride.

I think Daniel felt left out of the conversation at Siler City
Where MikeO (#215) was manning the control. 

Other than that, Bob and I probably bored Daniel to death,
'Cuz most of the conversation that Bob and I engaged in was regarding
Prior (mostly) mishaps scattered along the course.
Flat tyres, mechanicals, bonks, naps, bad cramps, and what-not.
Although I can recall each when I ride by the spot,
Sitting here typing, I can recall almost none of them.

We finished in under 11 hours, barely.
And this year (and last), that is about as fast as I've been able to cover 200 kms.


Raleigh 200 km Brevet: Morrisville to Siler City and back; 124.7 m.;  9h13 in-motion; 13.5 mph; elasped clock time 10h51.

Leaving room to enter ytd stats later. 

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