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Aug-18-2018: Raleigh Region RUSA 20th Anniversary Rides + Picnic -- Part 3

For Part 2, see the previous post.
For Part 1, see the post before that, but it isn't really worth the read. 

Under RBA Alan's (RUSA #306) leadership, probably instigated by MikeD (RUSA #1609), but I don't actually know, I'm just guessing, the Raleigh Region has been doing annual RUSA Anniversary Brevets + Picnics since RUSA's 10th birthday in 2008.  In PBP years, the Anniversary rides have been pushed back into September or October, and they've been RUSA brevets instead of ACP/BRM brevets, but any way one cuts it, 2018 was the eleventh consecutive year that Alan has put on a RUSA Anniversary ride + picnic.

Interregnum #1.

The 200 riders were off.
Another two or three hours before the 100 was to start.
What to do in the meantime?

Alan cleverly arranges for his brevets to start only a quarter-mile from his house.
Alan went home.
Maybe to eat breakfast.
I never asked.

I live roughly 20-miles by road from the starts.
A "crow-fly" distance estimate is 14 or so miles,
But there's an airport and / or large state park in the direct path.
I decided to go up the road a mile
[To the shopping ctr where Alan's one perm-pop starts. 
A couple other perm-pops also start at that shopping ctr. 
But these pieces of information add nothing to this story, 
And there is no useful reason to include them here, but ... ] 

To the McD's to grab something from the $1 menu.

However, it seemed everything on the $1 menu was priced well above one dollar.
And / or nothing on the menu seemed appetizing.
[Hmmn, breaking another composition rule? 
One sentence split between two paragraphs.] 

So I walked around the shopping ctr, checking out the potential eateries.
None of which were open.
Well, the doughnut shop was open,
But that didn't appeal, dollar-wise or appetite-wise.

So I checked out the shelves of the large retailer in said shopping ctr.
Boring, so I walked around for a bit,
Then headed to the start location of the 100,
Where I hung out until Alan and then the riders began to arrive.

100 check-in and start.

I recall nothing interesting during the check-in and prior to the start,
Except for this:
Joel, #692, former Highpoint RBA,
Though you won't find his name on the list, 
As officially Richard, #174, was listed as the RBA,
Has a history, almost a reputation, for showing up late for brevets.

So, trying to inject some humor in the lead-up to the picnic rides,
I asked, on the list-serve and / or Facegroup group,
What was the over / under on Joel arriving for the picnic 200.

Joel was pre-registered for the 200, but
If you look at the previous post, in particular the list of those that rode the 200, 
You won't find Joel's name.

So, when I saw Joel signing in for the 100,
I mentioned to him that no one would have picked two-and-a-half hours
For the over / under.  LOL.

Joel responded, indicating that when the alarm went off
To get up, get around, and come east to Raleigh for the 200,
He shut off the alarm, said "no way" to himself,
Rolled over and went back to sleep.

Smiles all around. 
NC: Raleigh RUSAP 100 km 2018/08/18 finishers=8 DNF=0
North Carolina Bicycle Club / 933045
RUSA-P145656628B, RobertRandonneurs USA / 93309505:18
RUSA-P145667794D, ThomasNorth Carolina Bicycle Club / 93304504:57
RUSA-P1456711802H, HarveyBicycle For Life Club / 93305705:18
RUSA-P145682618H, JoeRayCarolina Tarwheels / 93304704:57
RUSA-P14569692L, JoelNorth Carolina Bicycle Club / 93304505:09
RUSA-P14570215O, MichaelNorth Carolina Bicycle Club / 93304505:28
RUSA-P1457195S, PaulRandonneurs USA / 93309505:18
RUSA-P145728024T, MichaelCarolina Tarwheels / 93304704:57

Interregnum #2.

I had some more time "kill,"
So, noticing that there was some festival going on more-or-less
Across from the park where rides were to finish / where the picnic would take place,
I went exploring.

As best I can recall, the "festival" was essentially a farmer's market.
Not clear if it is a once-a-month or every-Saturday event during the warm months.

Actually, I'm not sure if I explored the "festival" between the two ride starts, or
If the exploring was done after the start of the 100.
Either way, come Picnic 2019, the "festival" could be a place to check out,
If one is volunteering and has some time on-hand between rando duties. 

I do definitely know that the important things done after the 100 start
Was going to the Harris Teeter grocery store
To get supplies for the picnic.
Followed by transporting Alan's grill to the park, and
Setting up for the post-rides picnic.

Hmmn, after typing the immediately above paragraph, 
I'm convinced that I did the festival exploring between the two ride starts. 


No photos.
No worthwhile stories - that I'm comfortable typing.

After the picnic, we cleaned up the site and returned Alan's possessions to his house.

Not my most interesting volunteer experience,
But interesting and fun enough.

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