Monday, April 15, 2019

Sep-06-2018: Egypt Mtn 210

Keeping Bob's (#5843) R-streak alive,
Mine I no longer worry about,
We did my "Egypt Mtn" 210-km Perm for Bob's R-ride.

This made Bob's 12th time doing EM.
My 33rd time.
So we know the route; we are comfortable with and on the route.

I don't bother to carry a cue sheet; I also do not use a GPS unit.
Bob almost always carries a cue sheet, but he might forego that when with me on the EM route.
I'm not sure, because I don't look all that carefully at the paraphernalia on his bike.
Except maybe to see if he is on the bike with the magic air horn (anti-dawg defense).

The only major decision that usually faces us is this:
Do we lunch at the Hardee's in Warrenton, or at the Subway.
This ride, we chose the Subway.

I was struggling, again, again, again!
Bob was just putzing along, be patient with my lack of pace.

I finally got frustrated enough that my saddle was just far enough off being straight,
That I stopped a mile or so before getting to Egypt Mtn Rd,
To straighten the darn thing -- the saddle, I mean.

And then, I found out that the saddle having been just a few degrees off-kilter,
Had clearly been throwing my body position off just enough
That I had been throwing away power.

Egypt Mtn Rd is about 5 miles long.
My friend Lynn used to comment that sometimes it seemed interminable:
There was always another curve ahead, another incline to ride.
Sometimes I find Egypt Mtn Rd interminable,
But only because I'm wanting to get to the west end already.

This ride, just after turning off Egypt Mtn Rd onto Charlie Grissom Rd,
I noticed an extra bump-bump coming from the rear tyre.
So, I pulled over at Wilton / Gray Rock Rd, there's a picnic table under a shelter there,
To look at the rear tyre.
And that led to swapping out the tyre.
Somewhere I have a photo of the bad places on that tyre,
But I'm choosing to publish without the photo.
If I find it in the next couple days, maybe I'll insert it into this.

That tyre, that I carried with me to the end of the ride in order to properly dispose of it,
Was the tyre I had put on the bike during the July 14 "OakElmOak" perm.
That tyre was a well used spare, but I don't know how many miles were on it when put on in July.
My Excel records show that I got an estimated 832-miles out of the used "OakElmOak" spare.

That's the only memories I have of this "Egypt Mtn" ride.
Except that, at the end, Bob did note that we had managed to keep the elapsed time under 13 hours.

My Excel log indicates 10-hours in-motion.
12h59 elapsed, 10h00 in-motion -- WHY did we have 3 hours of stoppage time??
Okay, why did I inflict 3 hours of stoppage time on Bob?

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