Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Sep-02: RBR 109

Strickland Rd outbound at 0430.  No traffic.
Durant + Honeycutt roads homebound to finish at 0923.
A lot less traffic avoiding the Interstate overpass and Strickland Rd.
[The road taken.] 

2h23 elapsed, 2:22 in-motion to Berea.
The complete darkness lasted until Stem or beyond.
It wasn't really light enough to see without the headlamp
Until somewhere between Shoofly and Culbreth. 
It was serene riding through the darkness.
But the daylight was welcome.

14 minutes at the control.
Included a bit of chat time with one of the two store owners.
And a few words of greeting and "be safe" with some of the regulars.

2h16 elapsed, 2:16 in motion on the return.
I obviously caught all the lights on green.
And the stop-signs?  Musta' been no traffic waiting or coming.

Glorious morning for a ride.  
Permanent Route Name / #Distance Date Finishers DNF
NC: Raleigh - Berea - Raleigh / 2818 109 2019/09/02 1 0
Cert# RUSA# Name Club / ACP Code Time
RUSA-T92296 6218 S__, Martin Randonneurs USA / 933095 04:53

No photo(s) this ride.

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