Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Info On Yanceyville Roads & Eats

Information Compliments of Gilbert Anderson

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Thanks, Gilbert!

Comments on Roads:
Badgett sisters Parkway is called old NC62 around here and does predate the current modern road and roughly does to the same area; Burlington.

Blanche and Badgett Sisters are both excellent. The sisters has two one lane bridges along with several short steep curvy hills; like the Mountains without as much effort.

Blanche road actually has longer steeper hills but is about 60% or more dead flat.

There was a Bridge out on the south end of the sisters Parkway but it should be up by now and signs will route you around I am sure if needed.

Most roads are excellent for cycling (low traffic and few trucks) in Caswell and even though I am conservative on this I would eliminate except as short connectors these three: 

- All of NC86 except for short connectors (few chices south of Yanceyville till NC158 East breaks off).
- NC 62 South of Yanceyville (North is quite lightly traveled).
- NC158 West of Yanceyville (East is not great but better than most roads around Chapel Hill.

Everything else is generally fine.

Comments on Yanceyville eats:

As far as eats on the run it depends on timing. In order of preference:

Azariah's Store House- Snacks, chocolate, cake soup and sandwiches. Open lunch and Friday Saturday night for dinner. Located just off the Town Sq.

Yoders Store- Snacks freshed baked bread, Amish Sandwiches- Not sure of Hours. North end of town on east side of Highway 86 near Hardees.

Venice Itailian- Open everyday and night but no Sundays/ Italian Food and salad Bar-Located north end of town Strip center on Hiway 86

Rio Grande- Open 7 days and nights until fairly late- Located near downtown Strip center on Hiway 86

Foodlion-Hardees-McDonals-Great Wall Chinese-Subway all located in the Foodlion area North end of town on 86 open 7 days.

and finally The Yancey House- Some French Style rando eats and a touch of rural Louisiana style International cuisine for Lunch Dinner and sunday Brunch with a more sporadic schedule than McDonalds. If you were at the PBP you might east in a place like this as some riders take two hours for meals during PBP. Hiway 158 west 1/4 mile west of town.

Riders favorite for a quick stop: Marathon "C" Store- Snacks and Pizza -Fay and Fiyez put an International spin on Jerky, RC Colas and Moonpies. North of town Square on Main Street two blocks.

In Milton Lunch and dinner have to be Aunt Millies Pizza on what must be Church Street. They close early in the evening 8-9 PM.

Rules: Caswell county closes at noon on Saturday and reopens Monday early. Very few exceptions.

General comments on the proposed route:

A rando ride sounds great. I am with Branson to avoid (most of anyway) NC158 east of town but Adrian's route was designed (rarely in practice ) for daytime use and was made to be as direct as possiable. From central Raleigh it's easy to rack up 80-85 miles just to Yanceyville. North Raleigh is closer. It is not bad but during fishing tourneys, and morning rush hours it can be hectic. Not a good road at night. The good news is alternate routes while not direct are not more than 4-5 miles out of the way.

Your route looks pretty good. I haven't ridden around the spur to Lynn's Crossroads in a while but it was busy years ago. I would think a that being North of the lake might be safer and more scenic but you might have more recent info. A lot depends on timing when passing through., weekdays, weekends, early evening, after midnight which will be determined by both starting time and direction.

The French often start their 300 and 400 at odd times by our standards. We used to mimic them and start the 400 KM between 4 PM and 7 PM and the 300KM between 1PM and 1 PM. Everyone is fresh for the night riding and universally (fast or slow) finishing in the daylight with enough energy to have an after ride meal wit the early arrivals buying the slower rider s their finishing beer.

You might have a suggested starting time (s) going clockwise and another going counter listing the advantages of each time based on average speed. At least this would be good for a Permanent.

Let me know when you plan this.


  1. the word 'Beer' caught my attention. that and fishing. Fish are my friends - Snapper.

  2. I'll have to re-read that stuff from Gilbert -- I never noticed the word "beer".

    I suspect that LT and Lee will pick up on it, though.