Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday Rides Are NOT Pre-Planned

Before the forecast for the coming Sunday got "yukky" for cycling, Snapper inquired what was the planned 40-mile course for Sunday (I had let a cat out of a bag that showed that I planned to ride 40 miles this coming Sunday).  My response: 

My Sunday rides are usually not planned routes -- certainly not planned days ahead of time.

Sometimes I get an idea after the Saturday ride.

Sometimes I figure a course when putting on my clothes.

Sometimes I start riding MVC and just see where the front wheel takes me as I look for miles.

Sometimes I go exploring and / or expunging .

Sometimes I decide that I need some more hill practice . (I can't imagine any other reason for doing that ride, that day.)

One time last year, I asked two couples (about my age) where they were riding .
 . . And they showed me their cue sheet, and it was an interesting route,
 . . . . so after they left, and I finished prepping, I did their course,
 . . . . . . except I skipped Woodlief and Purnell roads.
 . . . . . . . .And then I added more after returning to PUE to refuel and eat something.

Sometimes when he can't ride on Saturday, LT will call or e-mail, often he has a plan as here or here or here or here .
 . . (Notice how LT's rides tend to be either "let's go to Bahama" or "let's do a really hilly route", or both.

There is one route I guarantee that LT will never have an interest in doing: this one -- and I only intend to do that route, or a similar one, if the weather is questionable or I am questionable.

If you need to ride on a Sunday, please do feel welcome to contact me. Just don't expect me to have plan ahead of time. I might have a plan -- but don't expect one. Also, be prepared for some SLOW during a LONG warm-up period.


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