Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tito is a friend of mine

Actually, he is a friend of Iva. 

About all I know about Tito is that he fits the qualifications to be an "irregular".  That is, he is:

 (1) a reasonable human being, and
 (2) a SAFE cyclist. 

And except for once, he also has followed rule

 (3) no dropping the leader.  

Anyway, I guess Tito is a cycling friend of mine. 

He recently spent 4 months on the Galapagos Islands -- see his blog on the blog list to the right.  And, . . . , well,  an article he wrote was published recently -- that article tells the story so well, that without further ado . . .

The Galapagos debate gets hot; fire in the sea.
[Edit, Aug-31-2012:  The above link no longer works in that it takes one to the WRONG article.  Luckily, Tito also published the article on his "Galapagos Blog"; click here for the article.]

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  1. Good article, Tito. And, thanks to Martin for putting it out here. Iva