Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ninth

Looking back at this year so far, I have ridden only twice on the 9th of any month.

In June, I had fun doing the Howling Grits Permanent Populaire with Raleigh RBA (and Fearless Leader) Alan, YungFalbz, and one from the world of Irrelevance.

In July, I celebrated my 54th birthday by riding 54 miles.

I don't keep a diary of non-work, non-cycling stuff, so I really have no idea what I did recreationally on the ninth's of January thru May.

However, I know what I'm doing on the Ninth of August:

(1) leaving messages for the Granville County Animal Control Department, confident, even if the dog that bit me yesterday at 3538 Cannady Mill Rd is still at that address, that Animal Control will claim they are not certain that they found the correct dog, and therefore, no dog will be taken into possession by Animal Control.

(2) studying up on the symptoms or rabies and methods for prevention of developing rabies if bitten.

I definitely would prefer to be doing something such as DNF'ing on another hilly permanent on a gawd awful hot day rather than wondering whether I might have been infected with rabies (and frittering away time making useless blog posts about the situation).

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. What have you learned about the timetable for development of symptoms?

    Also -- what are the chances that you'll be at Alan's brevet in a couple of days?

    also -- belated Happy Birthday wishes!