Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jan-22: Get 'Er Dunn 102 km Perm Populaire

I Jus' Wanna' Git 'Er Done

Somewhat Very foolishly, I called Dean to ask if he was doing one of his Populaires on Saturday.  His response:  "I am if I have someone to ride with."  "Okay," said I, "see you in time to ride at 10." 

Neither of us were interested in spending 10 hours in the cold (central NC standards) with a stiff NE breeze / wind.  Each of us figured we could handle 5 hours.  (Note:  2 or 3 hours would have been even better, but RUSA approved routes don't come that short -- not at the pace Dean and I ride.)

10 am start.  Wind at our backs.  Sun hiding behind some fairly thick clouds. 
A quick trip to Dunn.  Only my feet were chilled. 
I hadn't bothered to zip up my jersey or polar fleece or shell.

From Dunn to Erwin, mostly a cross wind.
Actually, mostly a cross wind all the way to the "shutters house".
Then a turn directly into the COLD STIFF NE wind.
Latex (?) gloves under my glove liners inside my long-fingers, my hands and fingers were warm all the way back.
I did have "prune fingers" at the end, though.
Legs, mid-section, chest, shoulders, head, arms -- all warm.
Feet -- that's another story. 
Towards the end, I just wanted to "hammer it home" and "git 'er done."

Advance apologies to any "northern randos" that may read this.
Forecast high was 36 to 38 degrees F.
Dean informed me, at the end, at approx 3:40 pm, that it was only 34 F.
(My Irregular cycling buddy, Lt. Dave, told me that it only got to 32 F in Bayleaf.)
Not the coldest ride Dean has ever done -- by a long shot.
But cold enough for me.  (And, today, it was cold enough for Dean, too.)

To the "North Carolina" (in quotes because we "count" some Virginians and South Carolinians as "North Carolinians" for some purposes, such as when they do North Carolina brevets) randos that did (or are still doing) Tony's 200, 300 or 400 km brevets today:  HATS OFF to you -- but you are wayyyy too crazy.

See you on the road ...

Get 'Er Dunn 102 km Perm Populaire; 63.8 m.; 4 hrs, 32 min in-motion; 14.0 mph; rando-time:  5 hrs, 37 min.  

Jan tot: __6 rides; __459.3 m.; _31 hrs, 39 min; 14.5 mph.
YTD tot: __6 rides; __459.3 m.; _31 hrs, 39 min; 14.5 mph.

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